Vincent J. Roth Discusses Surge of Power Franchise and its LGBT Social Commentary

Vincent J. Roth Exclusive Interview

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Vincent J. Roth

In DecayMag Sessions Episode 2 you’ll be introduced to Vincent J. Roth and his venture from Corporate generalist attorney to Filmmaker. Roth created the storyline for the first live-screen adaptation of a gay superhero. He also portrays the titular role along with alter-ego Gavin Lucas / Surge in the 2004 release Surge of Power and its sequel release in 2018 titled Surge of Power: Revenge of the Sequel.

In our interview, Roth provides his origin story followed by the concept of Surge and its development into a franchise that includes a YouTube Web series. Other topics include the presented LGBT issues in Surge of Power and receiving/dealing with negative criticism as a filmmaker.

“I’m in the independent world so low budget films are going to be, there’s criticism,  you know because of the low-budget aspects….”

“….When I see reviewers send paragraphs complaining about  the budget, the production like yeah I did not spend $219 on the movie what’s your point”

Vincent J. Roth on negative critiques

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 The question of The week:

“I guess I would want to know if your audience is interested in seeing more superheroes from other environments not just the DC and Marvel characters or are they just drawn to the high-profile DC and Marvel characters?”

 Vincent J. Roth Creator Surge of Power

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