Grave Danger, Action, Horror Side-Scroller Arrives on Steam

Grave Danger Overview

Grave Danger released on the 19th of December 2016. The game is the first PC, console venture for the indie mobile game developer, JB Gaming. Based in Nebraska, JB Gaming focused on mobile gaming. The company is now turning and are now venturing into the console market.

Grave Danger is an action, adventure game, a throwback to classic two-dimensional side-scrollers. The player assumes the role of three characters, each offering unique attributes. These traits are also critical for the many puzzles found throughout the land.

• Dante, The Cowboy is capable of climbing vertical walls.

• Malice, The Reaper can float across chasms and through narrow and dangerous areas.

• Elliot, The Wizard has magical elevation and can jump again once mid-air.

Teamwork is crucial. Missions and surviving dangerous levels are depended on of good strategy. Grave Danger is available for PC, Mac, and Lunix platforms via Steam. Brief danger retails for $14.99.

Full Controller Support and a launch across Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles is expected in 2017 Q1-Q/2. Nintendo Switch may follow thereafter.


We discussed the Grave Danger crowdfunding campaign in our previous coverage. Funding would have channeled to assist with stages of the game’s development. Yet, the goal of thirty-five thousand dollars ($35,000) was not met. Fifty-four (54) backers contributed to a total of three thousand three hundred fifty-six dollars ($3,356).

Despite not reaching the goal JB Games succeeded in presenting a vision to conception. The game is innovative in design and concept. The attractive feature is the retro aesthetic.

Steam Code Giveaway

Complete the form below or visit the entry form here for your chance to win one of two Steam keys for Grave Danger. Enter your name and email address. Winners will be notified the 6th of January 2017. Emails will be confirmed before the release of code. Failure to reply will result in disqualification. Open to U.S., Canada residents only

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