Creepypasta Collection Vol. 2 To Scare Readers May 9th


Creepypasta Collection, The. Volume 2

Creepypasta Collection, The. Volume 2: Details

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The Creepypasta Collection: Volume 2 is now available for pre-order. MrCreepyPasta created and edited this collection of Horror, Science Fiction and Thriller stories.

A range of writers penned the stories. The book will release on May 9th, 2017. When you pre-order you can also get an extra story.

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The Details

Just when you thought it was safe to go back online, YouTube sensation Mr. CreepyPasta returns with a whole new collection of truly creepy tales deemed too terrifying for the offline world—until now.


The Creepypasta Collection, Volume 2 delves into the depths of the absolute best short stories from the darkest corners of the Internet. You won’t be able to sleep with the light off after experiencing the misadventures of our heroes and heroines, who encounter everything from the highly suspicious to the incredibly disturbed.

With stories that range from the unforgettable “Jeff the Killer” to the fear-inducing “Smiling Dog,” this collection is the perfect gift for Creepypasta fans and horror enthusiasts alike.

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Jeff The Killer (re-imagination, artist unknown) Deutsches Creepypasta Wiki

Creepypasta is an online story platform much like WattPad. Yet, these stories Horror, Science Fiction, and Thriller genres oriented. MrCreepyPasta created and curates the site. Random writers submit stories. In fact, anyone can submit a story for inclusion on the site.

Creepypastas are fictional stories that are to contain very scary content. These tales are too mature for readers under the age of 17, that’s my opinion. I recently heard about Creepypasta and finally got around to reading a few stories. One of the more popular ones appears to be Jeff The Killer. I can definitely see why it has gained popularity.

A family moves into a new neighborhood. Jeff and his younger brother, Liu son have trouble with local bullies. A fight leads to the bullies getting injured. The aftermath results in Liu getting arrested. Jeff spirals down a dark and dreadful path. Although the story is creepy and intense, the image of Jeff at the end is even more chilling. It is goosebumps-worthy.

One thing to note; the story on the website has spelling and grammatical errors. There are also timeline inaccuracies. Hopefully, MrCreepyPasta’s latest book will touch on these areas. It will make the story effective.


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