Dawn of the Singularity, Volume of to “The Singularity Saga”

Dawn of the Singularity is a new science fiction book from David Simpson. The novel serves as a prequel to “Ashes of the Singularity”. The dawn_of_the_singularity_-_covertimeline between the novel and the tie-in video game is as follows:

“The technological singularity, which occurs after “Dawn of the Singularity” but well before “Ashes of the Singularity” posits a point in time in which artificial intelligence surpasses that of natural humans.”

The synopsis for the novel reads as follows:

“Dawn of the Singularity is set in the near future and follows the conflict between those who embrace a post-technological Singularity future in which humanity and strong AI work together and those who envision the more traditional view of humanity’s future.”

Author, David Simpson shared the following statement on the upcoming release to “Dawn of the Singularity”: Simpson stated:

“I’m really excited about this book. With Dawn of the Singularity we can walk the reader through step-by-step one possible scenario that the technological singularity manifests. The book really brings into sharp contrast the assumptions we’ve had for decades on how we thought the future would play out versus how the future will probably actually play out. When we watch Sci-Fi shows, we always assume that the future will be human beings flying across the stars in space ships with the computer being little more than a glorified personal assistant.  I think it’s becoming more clear to people that AI will be a lot more than something that gives us directions or tells us what the atmospheric content on Rigel IV is.”

“Dawn of the Singularity” is available for pre-order via Amazon Kindle for $4.99. A print version of the novel is also available from Amazon for $12.99. Both formats are scheduled to release on the 12th of May, 2016. The novel is distributed by Fearless Publishing.


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