Demon With A Comb-Over, Stuart R. West: Riverdale Avenue Books Re-release

Demon With A Comb-Over Details


Take Charlie Broadmoor’s life. Please. Charlie sucks at stand-up comedy. He gets by, though. Things are okay. His life is decent. Until the night he makes fun of a demon’s comb-over. Big mistake.

What kind of demon wears a comb-over? The sensitive kind. The kind who’s not going to let an insult slide. A demon who’s going to take Charlie down. As in down to Hell. And he intends on dragging everyone Charlie cares about along for the ride. Stuart R. West, Riverdale Avenue Books. Demon With A Comb Over

This humorous horror novel described as “Seinfeld meets Paradise Lost”. The protagonist
Charlie Broadmoor is a struggling stand-up comedian. Broadmoor decides to single out someone in the audience with a bad hair style. This member of the audience turns out to be a demon who makes Broadmoor’s life a living hell.

Broadmoor has a hard time coming up with new material. All the while he’s getting terrorized by a poorly-coiffed, thin-skilled evil. The diabolical entity has a monumental pettiness that dwarfs appreciation of humor. Broadmoor learns that making light of the supernatural is no joke.

The new edition of Demon With A Comb-Over will feature The Book of Kobal. This addition gives fans of the book a new glimpse into the origin of the short-tempered demon.

Demon With A Comb-Over: Featuring The Book of Kobal is available for download via Amazon.

Barnes & Nobles Nook, iTunes, Kobo, and other e-book platforms.

Demon With A Comb-Over: Featuring The Book of Kobal was published on January 19, 2017. It’s no wonder why Riverdale Avenue Books is re-releasing the novel so soon. This is a similar concept as with Horror cinema. The remaking and re-imagining of films, both old classics. The cover art is different, taking a more animated look than the original.


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