Devils And Men,  A Glimpse At James D. Schumacher III’s Graphic Novel

Devils And Men Crowdfunding To Launch.

Overview James D. Schumacher III, Ken Knudtsen. Of Devils And Men
Of Devils And Men Creator; James D. Schumacher III

Of Devils And Men is currently in progress. The new graphic novel is created and written by James D. Schumacher III, with artwork and illustrations by Ken Knudtsen.

Schumacher is known for the previously released graphic novel horror series Inheritance: The Binding of Three. He is also known for The Astronaut, and 26 Years. He is also Producer for the upcoming chilling Horror film, Altar, directed by Matthew Sconce.

Collaborating with Schumacher is Slave Labor Graphics Artist and Writer Ken Knudtsen, who is the artistic mastermind behind Marvel’s Wolverine, and Slave Labor Graphics’ My Monkey’s Name Is Jennifer.

The Details

1880’s Arizona Territory. The hills caught fire, the animals perished, the great cataclysm wrought death upon the world. Fire spread everywhere. Emerging from the hellfire, horrific denizens hellbent on the killing the last remnants of humanity.

Survivors of the inferno took to trains, stagecoaches, horses, anything to outrun the creatures. For the refugees on board Locomotive 689 Charleston, it is just the beginning of their trials as they steam for the fabled city, Crescent City. James D. Schumacher III, Ken Knudtsen. Of Devils And Men
Of Devils And Men Illustrator; Ken Knudtsen

A place where many say this hell has not touched, a place where the survivors can live without fear.

As each day wears thin for the survivors, patience gives way to anger, the pain of losing loved ones turn to violence and soon the people within the train have nothing more to fear that what is inside the train with them. This train is the last hope for these people, and it’s running low on fuel miles away from anything resembling safety and with millions of creatures on its heels.

Will the survivors on the Charleston defy their differences and overcome loss, or will the very thing that unites us all be the downfall of humanity?

Personal Speculation

Of Devils And Men is based on Schumacher’s screenplay of the same title that was awarded “Best Horror Feature” at the Action on Film Festival. The film conceptual artwork is by Laurel Weil.

The story definitely sounds suspenseful and intriguing. I get the image of an apocalyptic, chaotic world, in which this tale is indeed based upon. These survivors who were lucky to survive the inferno that completely destroyed the area.

However, this only opened up an entirely different battle. Not just against the creatures that haunt them, but a battle against themselves as well, as they fight to keep from losing all sanity.

Of Devils And Men does not yet have an official release date, but with the upcoming Kickstarter Campaign, the production team will soon be releasing the project worldwide. Stay tuned for more updates.

For more information, visit: Schumacher3


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