Indie Game developer Simogo aims to terrify children with authored horror anthology e-book; “Bedtime Stories for Awful Children”. The e-book is a fully illustrated and readily available for free on PDF format here:”Bedtime Stories for Awful Children

The concept is based on various creatures from the developers upcoming game, “Year Walk” arriving to the Wii U late September 2015. “Bedtime Stories for Awful Children” is a clever marketing campaign and indeed will foster interest for the developer’s upcoming title.

The nightmarish tales are a brief read and have been conveniently translated into various languages including; Spanish, and French. If you’re a horror connoisseur and a parent “Bedtime Stories for Awful Children” will both peak your horror palate and terrify your children before bedtime. Just be sure to set the night light off…err …on for them afterwards.

“Year Walk” is a 2013 adventure game  developed and published by Swedish mobile game developer Simogo for IOS devices. The game was later ported to Windows, OS X and PC platforms via Steam in 2014, and has been announced for a 2015 release on the Wii U

(Excerpt Wikipedea)


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