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Gone With The Dead is an anthology of short stories in the making. The theme of the anthology will merge Horror and Romance stories. The book will publish in print and digital editions at the RT Lovers Convention in Atlanta, GA on May 12. Riverdale Avenue Books, in conjunction with Romantic Times, are accepting submissions for Gone With The Dead.
The stories submitted should be at least 1,000 words and at most 5,000 words. A brief autobiography must go with submitted works. To enter visit Riverdale Ave Books.

The Details

Gone with the Dead, the concept for this anthology is Horror meets Romance. According to the press release:

Riverdale Avenue Books is looking for stories that range from romantic to terrifying that brings together horror and romance featuring everything from vampires, zombies, shifters, ghosts and anything in between. A Civil War setting is a plus, but not necessary.

I like this concept. As of late filmmakers and writers have been changing the way they conduct their projects. They have been looking to the fans and audiences of the circuit to help pave the way for the next hit film. This anthology is a great way to look for aspiring writers and directors of the future.

Riverdale Avenue Books is the groundbreaking this trend in the literary circuit. Anthologies have been shaping the cinematic world as of late. It will be interesting to see this theme in developing in literary form.

I am a huge advocate for anthologies. When great minds collaborate there is a constant flow of creativity. Originality and imagination take center stage.


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