“Hack / Slash” Lingers as Film Evolves to TV

“Hack / Slash” is an American comic book serialization that began circulation  in 2004 via Devil’s Due Publishing and later by Image Comics. Created by Tim Seeley and artist Stefano Caselli, the story centers on female protagonist Cassie Hack, a woman with a disturbing tragic childhood. As a child, Cassie Hack was teased and bullied prompting her unstable mother to  murder every student at Cassie’s school. After her mother’s suicide, Cassie Hack lived with foster parents at which point she learned self defense and ultimately travels the country hunting serial killers. Cassie Hack’s partner in crime and bodyguard is a muscular masked man named, Vlad.

Relativity Media planned of converting the comic book series “Hack / Slash” into a feature film but the concept lingered in development limbo for ten years prompting directors to pass through the revolving door on the project. Slated to direct the “Hack / Slash” movie adaptation to the comic were Marcus Nispel, Fredrik Bond, and Todd Lincoln.  In a dramatic shift in events,  Relativity Television, parted ways from parent company Relativity Media and is now part of an ownership umbrella. What this means to the “Hack / Slash” concept is that an adaptation to  will be considered but instead of the big screen it will be as a television series.

According to THR  Screenwriter Skip Woods is penning the script to the series and will also serve as co-producer along with Adrian Askarieh, Ray RicordDaniel Alter and Geoffrey Yim.  The search is current on finding directors to the television adaptation to “Hack / Slash”, a show that the producers are aiming to create as;

“a dark and gritty show in The Walking Dead mold.”

Are you looking forward to the television series “Hack / Slash” ? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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