Heroes Haven Exclusive Interview, Graphic Novel Review

Heroes Haven, Graphic Novel review

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The world exists in a state of chaos. Global war looms. Humanity exists on a plane of self-destruction. Life is grim and hope is nonexistent. A covert society operates within the confines of shadows. The organization’s nefarious goal is to usher in a new world order. Although mirroring today’s headlines, this is not a declaration of current events. The scenario is a basic overview of the graphic novel; “Heroes Haven”.

“Heroes Haven” is more than a book featuring art panels and speech bubbles. Contained within the pages is a riveting force both compelling and entertaining. “Heroes Haven” engages the reader with philosophy and inspiration. This observation is evident within the opening pages. The tonality to the storyline offers severity with its post-apocalyptic aesthetics. Yet, the underlying message secures and informs readers to “Awaken your inner hero”.

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DecayMag.com Mario Simone Heroes HavenMario Simone is the creator of “Heroes Haven”. Simone spent the last three years perfecting his project. The complex characters and structured subplots is a testament to Simone’s hard work.  The dialogue between the characters is unorthodox and merits high acclaim. Simone offers craftsmanship with his unique stylized narrative. Readers are not offered regurgitated good guy versus bad guy interactions. On the contrary, the script to “Heroes Haven” bleeds from its philosophical roots.

Another remarkable aspect of Simone’s graphic novel is the artwork itself. The visual aesthetic is nostalgic in nature. The feel is reminiscent of retro anime films from the 1980’s.

The synopsis to Simone’s graphic novel Reads as follows:

“Set in post-apocalyptic Los Angeles, scientists are developing a drug called V-1, designed to awaken the ‘Superhero DNA Code’ in the human body. As V-1 testing commences, the drug begins to ‘synergize,’ awakening extraordinary gifts like healing, super strength, visions and telekinesis in its subjects.”

Simone’s graphic novel also finds a source of inspiration from the historical record. Villainous soldiers depict a striking resemblance to The Schutzstaffel. Also of particular interest is the added conspiracy theory element. The secret society hell bent on world domination is a formula seen many times over. Yet, this is a storyboard that’s either executed correctly or poorly. Within “Heroes Haven” Simone offers action-packed intrigue with the “conspiracy theory” story context.

The observations noted in this review merely scratches the surface. Mario Simone delivers art merged with conspiracy-laden plot and thought-provoking mantras. Simone’s graphic novel may offer a recognizable story presentation. Yet, it is the inner workings that seize attention and caters to the imagination.


“Heroes Haven” is available on Amazon.com

For more information visit the official “Heroes Haven” website.


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