Human Centipede Manga Debuts

Film Overview

Human Centipede the independent horror franchise created by Tom Six gained recognition for its controversial surrealism. The concept of surgically binding humans in an ass to face chain has grossed out viewers since debut film, “Human centipede: First Sequence”. Two sequels spawned since the initial released in 2009 and they were “Human Centipede II Full Sequence” in 2011 and “Human Centipede III Final Sequence” (2015).  Check out our review of the latter

Manga Details

Now the cult horror film will grace the pages of comics, but it won’t be in the United States. “Human Centipede” got a Manga treatment in Japan. Manga are the Asian equivalent of Comic Books/Graphic novels here in the United States. Mukade Ningen ∞ Saishû Gedatsu (English translation Centipede Human ∞ Final Liberation) made its debut on the 9th of December 2015 within the 25th issue to Nemesis magazine.

The “Human Centipede” manga is written by Ryuta Yoshinaga and takes the weird story-line concept to a  remote Japanese mountain village. It will be very interesting to see a new perspective given to the franchise. Japanese horror mediums are notorious for ultra violent, mind bending concepts. We can expect to see a complete makeover if the manga should transcend to a live action adaptation.

The unfortunate circumstance is that “Centipede Human ∞ Final Liberation” is only available in Japanese. Doubt there will be an English version adaptation at all, unless of course the title surges in popularity. However, that shouldn’t deter fans of the franchise in getting their hands on the 25th issue to Nemesis magazine. The manga would certainly make a cool collector’s item. Now imagine for a moment if “Human Centipede” were to be developed into an Anime. Now there’s an idea for Tom Six to ponder.

What’s your opinion on the cult horror film’s resurgence as a manga? Forward your opinions using the fields below. Human Centipede Final Liberation




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