Devils And Men: KickStarter Campaign Released

Devils And Men: James D. Schumacher and Ken Knudtsen Releases Campaign

Overview James D. Schumacher III, Ken Knudtsen. "Of Devils And Men"Of Devils And Men, the graphic novel has officially started its Kickstarter Campaign.

The visually stunning screenplay written by James D. Schumacher III, was first introduced in 2011. It was awarded Best Horror Feature, and he would go on to turn it into a graphic novel series with artwork by Ken Knudtsen.

During a pleasant interview with Schumacher and Knudtsen, questions of the graphic novel came about. We were to expect the crowdfunding campaign to take flight in late September, and that is exactly what happened.

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The campaign is in its fifth day, with 24 remaining. Show your support for the project.

Of Devils and Men is an ultra-violent horror western set in the 1880’s and follows the survivors of the town of Premonition as they take to steam locomotive, the Charleston 689, to outrun the fire that is laying waste to the world and the horrific creatures that rose up out of the inferno.

Inspired directly from the tragic death of James Schumacher’s mother after her decade long struggle with numerous bouts breast cancer. Of Devils and Men explores the complex and very human struggle of coping with loss and how it can adversely affect your life.

DecayMag,com. James D. Schumacher III, Ken Knudtsen







Related Article Of Devils and Men Graphic Novel Overview James D. Schumacher III, Ken Knudtsen. "Of Devils And Men"Creator James D. Schumacher III and visual artist Ken Knudtsen could use the help and support of fans and audiences to fill in the missing pieces. The campaign currently reached $2.156 of the projected goal of $7,000, and there are still 24 days left in the campaign. All funds raised will go towards the construction and creation of the graphic novel including:

  • Production of the graphic novel
  • Print costs and creating rewards
  • Kickstarter and supplemental costs

Anyone who chooses to back and support Of Devils And Men will reap rewards depending on your pledge of choice. For more information and to support this project, visit the official KickStarter page.


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