Gehenna and Hinnom, Publisher of Weird, Macabre Launch Crowdfunding

Gehenna and Hinnom Crowdfunding Details

Medium: Publishing company

Crowdfunding Platform: Kickstarter

Target goal: 3,000

Project Overview: Funding for marketing and development of independent publishing house of Speculative Fiction, Weird Fiction, and Cosmic Horror.

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• To meet the costs required to market and produce every publication on their 2019 release schedule.
• To become a professional paying market. This will allow G&H to compensate authors at professional rates, thus paying writers what they deserve.

Gehenna and Hinnom is an indie publishing house start-up found in 2017 by American Science Fiction, Horror author; Charles Patrick Dunphey. The company focuses on the  Speculative Fiction, particularly Weird Fiction and Cosmic Horror. Over the past year, Gehenna and Hinnom have issued several paperbacks and e-book releases of Hinnom Magazine, a periodical delivering interviews, reviews, and short stories. On the 1st of February 2019, Charles Patrick Dunphey launched a Kickstarter campaign to develop a passion project into a full-fledged business endeavor. Gehenna and Hinnom Hinnom Magazine

On the horizon for Gehenna and Hinnom are a slate of works from independent authors across varied genres yet centered on the dar and macabre. These upcoming releases include:

• 6-part novelette series

• 3 chapbooks

• 4 issues of their staple publication, Hinnom Magazine.

• Debut collections of authors Pete Rawlik and S. L. Edwards.

The Gehenna and Hinnom Kickstarter campaign offers different reward tiers beginning with the $10 option that offers year’s electronic subscription to Hinnom Magazine. For those with deep pockets and a penchant for generosity, there is the $5000 reward tier. Gehenna and Hinnom offer the donor the option to publish a Weird Fiction or Cosmic Horror anthology based on themes of their choosing, along with title selection and name in the title. An added bonus is a lifetime subscription to all Gehenna & Hinnom titles.

For enthusiasts of Horror literature, this Kickstarter is something to look into. The anthology style publication Gehenna and Hinnom deliver is nothing new, Yet with the recent popularity of Creepypasta and the advancements of independent publishing, Hinnom Magazine arrives at the right moment to ride the wave of newfound interest in this Horror medium.


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