Omega 1: The Hacker Wars Needs Funds For Comic Book Issues

Omega 1:  The Hacker Wars Crowdfunding Details

Co-Creator: Mark Edward Lewis 

Medium: Comic book

Crowdfunding Platform: Kickstarter

Project Overview:

The bold long-standing sci-fi comic book saga with 10,000 copies sold worldwide returns after 5 years to  complete the gripping first chapter of this pioneering female-driven, post hacker world war story Omega 1 the Hacker Wars  Mark Edward Lewis 

Female empowerment has as with the recent slate of social trends develop into a focal point to address and promote. For years actresses in Horror and/or science fiction films have always had strong character roles or leads.

In the comic book genre women also have had an influential appeal. Perhaps mainstream news media didn’t get the memo in that regard.  The stream of superhero films is now showcasing an idea was already in place, a strong female protagonist.

Independent media creators are the pioneers for abolishing the stereotypical damsel in distress and placing female characters as kick-ass types. One such medium is the comic book titled; Omega 1: The Hacker Wars. This science fiction inspired narrative is co-created by filmmaker and composer Mark Edward Lewis. The breakdown of the titular character reads:

OMEGA 1, a genetically enhanced she-weapon who is deadly with a sword, fist fights with firearms and can draw metal to herself. She searches for her lost identity while trying to keep herself and her clients’ data in tact. Along with her extraordinarily gifted friends in the company, she must piece together her past to uncover a conspiracy for global control and Aryan genocide.

Omega 1 Kickstarter  Profile

Omega 1: The Hacker Wars started in 2010 and variations of this techno action drama comprised a motion comic and conventional comic book form. The series would only press Issues one to four and this left many enthusiasts of the storyline left with cliffhangers. Lewis along with artist Emmanuel Xerex Javier and a squad of passionate creators are expecting to revitalize the franchise with additional issues.

The Omega 1: The Hacker Wars Kickstarter campaign has nineteen days left before it ends. It has since raised six thousand eight hundred fifty-one dollars ($6,851) Omega 1 the Hacker Wars  Mark Edward Lewis 


The crowdfunding campaign has a target goal of eighteen thousand dollars ($18,000). If successful the raised finances will extend toward the many facets of getting Omega 1 published. The creators of Omega 1: The Hacker Wars are eyeing bigger projects. For now, the goal is to publish the fifth and sixth issues and close out the first chapter of this science fiction saga. Ideas ready for advancement include a television pilot and/or series and a trade paperback.

As with every crowdfunding campaign, higher contributions will open a dedicated tier packed with promotional and exclusive rewards. Donation amounts start at five dollars ($5) and go as high as three thousand dollars ($3,000)

For more information and/or to donate visit the Omega 1: The Hacker Wars Kickstarter campaign


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