Abhorrent: Psychologically Intriguing Collection

Abhorrent: Book Details DecayMag.com, Michelle Merz, Abhorrent.

Writer: Michelle Merz

Release Date: October 31, 2018

Publisher: Pegasus Creative Group

ISBN – 13: 978-0-692-18789-0

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Opening Thoughts

Abhorrent is an interesting collection and has goodies for all tastes. From the subtle tales to the more extreme stories, Michelle Merz conjures up a nice mixture that will leave viewers in awe. Each story has familiar concepts but plays out in a way that spells innovation as she crafts each tale with an emphasis on creativity.


Sleep disorders and night terrors go hand-in-hand and make for an intriguing psychological tale of Horror. This subject as it relates to works of art is experimental and can take many paths. Experiencing such a tale through literature stimulates the mind in a way where the reader takes on every emotion. Fear translates to an aggressive point in Sleep. A woman is in a bad dream where she’s haunted by a dark presence. She awakes from the dream, but is she awake?

At one point I wanted to be a First Responder. That was until reading Emergency. I’ve read stories about some the calls First Responders would receive, and some of them were comical. Others were creepy. Michelle Merz’s tale is the scariest I have read so far. A First Responder receives an emergency call detailing an abduction crime. They realize that the caller is playing a sadistic game of cat-and-mouse, and the police better play by the rules, or there will be dastardly consequences. This frightening tale extends over five episodes and will give you goosebumps.

Life goals and dreams make us work towards what we want. Some would do anything to achieve a goal, even in drastic matters. A young valet has as a strong interest in cars, fantasies about luxury cars. Valet would seem like a perfect job for him. Chaperoned by the owner, he gets to drive his dream car, but at what cost? The Valet is a slow-building psychological horror.

Urban Legends are a strong focal point in the Horror genre. Boogeymen and creatures of all sorts come to light, and there are so many in the history of literature. Bloody Mary is one of the more familiar urban legends as it is told often in literature and in cinema. The story starts familiarly. A group of young teenagers gathers for a sleepover. One of them suggests they play the famous game of Bloody Mary. The story takes from there as you would imagine, but Merz’s story takes a dark turn.

Boogeymen can be scary. They invade children’s dreams, and then their lives. Every parent’s worst fear is a boogeyman taking over their kids’ lives. Life as they’ve become accustomed to changes for the worst. In Quack Quack Man we come face-to-face with a dark presence that has tapped into the lives of innocent families and made them his prey. It’s a psychological terror that will leave you guessing.

Body horror can be disturbing. From subtle counts like shape-shifting to the more terrifying counts like brutal torture, the concept of body horror travels down many paths, and they lead to great aftermaths. Itch/Scratch is a fresh concept for me as I cannot recall reading this in any story or seeing this in any film. The visual psychological effects are horrifying as the tale is descriptive, and will leave you feeling different after reading it.

Dinner is a slow-paced psychological story that will catch you off guard and send you for a loop. A divorced woman with high barriers tries to enter the dating scene after a break of grievance. She meets a man, who’s also divorced, on a mobile dating app, and they begin a slow-building awkward romance. She invites him over to dinner in this familiar concept that will leave you feeling uneasy.

Fetishes come in all sorts, from the innocent to the strange, and to the downright bizarre. In the popular world of porn, this transcends boundaries and travels beyond average corners. Artists in creative entertainment are using the porn industry to their advantage to create some of the darkest works that surpass average comprehension. The Video dabbles into the dark and forbidden world of snuff porn. It’s one thing to see it on the screen, but a different experience when read through works of literature.

The Boy is an entertaining treat and a great encore to this collection of stories. A freelance writer looking for inspiration for his next work finds an abandoned factory building. After looking through it, he discovers a mysterious boy inhabiting the building. After an accidental fall, the man imagines a nightmarish event unfold.

In Conclusion

Abhorrent is a great collection of stories from the talented Michelle Merz. Each tale crafted from an innovative mind. One thing that is lacking in the Horror genre. Its rare gems like Abhorrent where substantial creativity lives.


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