Anda Mars Weaves a Tale of Darkness in Case of the Faceless Man 

Anda Mars Writer

Publication Date: July 9, 2016

Release Format: Amazon Kindle, KindleUnlimited

Horror Sub-Genre: Crime, Mystery


Ashland, a young girl dealing with a devastating breakup, is constantly reminded of her cheating ex. Now on the verge of a breakdown, she begins being stalked by a faceless man who’s reign of disorienting encounters and eventual bloodshed seems unstoppable. Through the confusion of pain, terror and even murder, Ashland must face her featureless assailant and come to terms with reality.

Overview Anda Mars. The Case of the Faceless ManAnda Mars is an accomplished independent author. Anda Mars is an aspiring writer consumed by all things horror. Mars is currently obtaining her bachelor’s degree in creative writing. Mars has short stories published on CulturedVultures, CreepyPasta, and Amazon.

Mars’ previous work are;

Short stories: The Detective

Halloween Horror: The Murder on River Valley Road 

Her latest story, The Case of the Faceless Man, is captivating, and suspenseful. The prose is best summed as a modern-day Alfred Hitchcock film.

The Case of the Faceless Man is available via Amazon Kindle. KindleUnlimited members can download it for free.

In A Snapshot

The Case of the Faceless Man is a story about lust, manipulation, deceit, and betrayal. The tale explains how darkness can overshadow our reasoning. Also added is the effect that sends us into a downwards spiral.

In the novel Ashland recounts painful memories over her ex-boyfriend Breck.  She struggles to cope with the pain of a damaged heart under a perceived reality.

Analysis Anda Mars. "The Case of the Faceless Man"Ashland walks into her home to find Breck in an act of lust and infidelity with a good friend of hers. Broken and distraught Ashland  loses her sense of values and morality. She struggles to cope with the harsh realities of painful breakups.

When you love someone to the point they become your life it can be a stab in the heart when it is over in the blink of an eye. You can feel as though your life is over. You feel like you have nothing to live for. The pain of a damaged heart can completely take over your well-being. Ashland tries, to deal with this emotional turmoil, without success. She becomes haunted by memories of her past love. The memories take Ashland  to the point she can’t escape from.

Ashland  tries her best to have some sort of an existence outside of past love. In this, she comes across a mysterious presence. A man who has no expression, no face. This man stalks and haunts Ashland’s every move. She cannot escape him no matter how hard she tries.


Anda Mars’ The Case of the Faceless Man starts off subtle, then ends with a bang. As you read on, the words capture you. It’s hard to turn away from the story. You wished it was longer than 15 pages, or that the story would continue further.

As I read the story I was imagining a Crime Noir or an Alfred Hitchcock film. If The Case of the Faceless Man was a film, I think it would fit quite well in that circuit.


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