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Blood In The Woods Book Details Blood in The Woods J.P. Willie

Author: J.P. Willie

Publish Date: December 28, 2016

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Genre: Horror


Rural Louisiana country life is peaceful, idyllic, and sanguine. One bucolic town leads to another in an endless series of southern country life. Yet beneath the tranquil surface lies another story. A story of the south which hasn’t been told only hinted at. As 26 -year -old Jody stands on the cracked, aged driveway of his childhood home, a black mass settles itself on his chest. A sense of fear is manifesting around the edges of his psyche as unmentioned memories flood back to the last time he stood on this spot years ago. There is an empty space where the trailer once stood. The place he called home; thought of as his refuge together with his mother and younger brother, but all was ripped apart along with the innocence of childhood. Growing up in the late eighties and early nineties in the small town of Hammond, Louisiana, with his best friend Jack, was full of wonderful memories. Their lives on Rhine Road are typical for boys their age. Time is spent playing in the woods, shooting pellet guns, blowing up mailboxes, fighting at school and the beginnings of interests in girls. Their lives are what you would expect from children with no responsibilities or worries beyond the next pop-quiz or getting to second base. As they grow older together and experience the joys and pains of life, love, family and friendship, they discover a meddlesomeness borne of lazy summer days, boredom and childhood rebellion. Through idle curiosity, they stumble upon something horrific in the woods one evening and their lives quickly take a turn. They soon become hunted by an unspeakable evil and the hunting ground was home.

1. Overview:

J.P. Willie was born and raised in the great southern state of Louisiana. He moved to Baton Rouge when he was 14 years old and graduated from Tara High School. He resides with his wife, Corrie, and 5 beautiful children in Louisiana. He served two combat tours in Afghanistan with the U.S. Army and retires from the Military in three years. His first novel, Blood In The Woods, which is inspired by true events from his childhood, is terrifying readers across the globe and soon to be a major motion picture.

His short story, Welcome Home, Rougarou reached #5 in Kindle short reads. He enjoys writing Horror, Psychological Thrillers, Supernatural Fiction and Dark Fiction. He is already working on his second novel, The Tragedy Of C. Moore Cooper, and his first novella, Hot Summer Savior will available this summer.

When you read all of this, you must think about some great stories we are already familiar of like Stand by Me and It by Stephen King. Well, Blood in the Woods is pretty much a deadlier homage to both stories and if it were a film, it would mix with The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and Rob Zombie’s vision.

There are solid intriguing storylines in Blood in The Woods and while it stays emotional in its core, J.P. Willie wants to give us chills to the bone. Don’t worry, you will be. Scared, disgusted and tormented. I loved Blood in The Woods and you will too.

2. Impressions:

There’s a lot to love with Blood in The Woods if you’re into horror as I am and a vivid fan of 90’s terrors. Blood in The Woods is about growing up, friendship, first love, facing life and its horrors, bullying, learning to face your fears and learning to let go. I’ve never got so emotional while finishing a genre book as this one. The way J.P. Willie describes its characters and the world they live in is astonishing, raw and palpable. You become transported in Jody and Jack’s journey at the debut of the 90’s and ending in the present day with Jody as a grown up, telling us his story and how he achieves maturity and what he has seen through the years living in Hammond, Louisiana.

Jody and Jack’s friendship are the pillars of this story. They are both young, stupid but they have a good heart with each other. When you read or watch a film about young teenagers living through hell and growing up, knowing what pain feels like in every way possible, you get attached to them. Here is the same but you then realize that they are not the typical teens you expected them to be. They are, in their own way, bullies. That stuck with me for a while and I thought it was smart to put that much power over one dislike it is, in fact, kind of a big deal. They know of it later in the story by Angela, the girl Jody has a real crush on. He is a jerk to her and to some other kids at school.

He and Jack, both. But they aren’t acknowledging it yet, only when Angela tells Jody, and even then their problems with satanic cults spreading around the town and their families seem to take over all the reactions they may have with people around them. I think it may be some kind of lesson for Jody and Jack to grow up. It is hard to love or to learn to love teens being mean to one another but in Blood in The Woods you learn to live with it and even though you don’t accept it as I while reading it, I found it as a turning point on what you’re expected to read or feel about a lead character. For that, I must praise J.P. Willie’s storytelling.

Let’s talk about the other horror Blood in The Woods has for us readers. Maybe I’ll repeat myself but I became frightened and anxious throughout the reading. There’s a lot of movie references there in the horror genre and the one that stands out would be Tobe Hooper’s Texas Chain Saw Massacre. I would imagine Blood in The Woods’ violence in a film like Hooper’s classic. There’s rape, there’s blood, there’s cults, murder, disturbing sex scenes and evil maniac characters. Blood in the Woods doesn’t only surprise you while you’re reading it, it doesn’t prepare you enough for what you’re about to encounter. And that’s all J.P. Willie’s work. You’re reading some growing up story with a bunch of friendship and love and then suddenly there are cloaks, devil’s horns, and rituals.

It doesn’t stop there but you should read the book if you’re interested. I promise you won’t put it down. It stayed with me for a while after reading it as you remember yourself as a teen, your first love, friendship and letting go, and all the secrets you keep to yourself either as a victim of bullying or an embarrassing first kiss… Blood in The Woods has all the ingredients to keep horror fresh and intriguing and I must say it was a fantastic discovery.

3. In Conclusion:

J.P. Willie puts his guts, his life experiences and love for the genre in his first novel. He

should be proud and we should follow his work, he has his name in the horror genre and I’m happy to say I’m glad I discovered him. Don’t think it twice. Blood in The Woods may be J.P. Willie’s first novel but it does have an impact as the newest novel from Stephen King.


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