Night of the Living Dead volume 1 story and art resurrects Jean-Luc Istin Firefly Books Ltd Night of the Living Dead Volume 1 The Sins of the Father

Night of the Living Dead volume 1 graphic novel details

Story: Jean-Luc Isten
Illustrations: Elia Bonetti
Color: DigiKore Studios
Publisher: Firefly Books Ltd.
Price: $19.99

A modern rewrite of the classic cult movie, this vivid graphic novel brings the dead back to life through the eyes of Lisbeth. When visiting the grave of the adoptive parents with her brother, Lisbeth comes face-to-face with countless zombies. The siblings find shelter, but Lisbeth is fearful about what might have happened to her two children and husband.

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Night of the Living Dead is the origin of zombie inspired films. George A. Romero directed and co-wrote the film. Released in 1968 Night of the Living Dead would become a cult classic. The film is an achievement in Horror cinema. Variants of the film and related chapters thereof soon followed throughout the years.

Zombies and renditions of viral apocalyptic themes are a staple in the Horror genre. Tales encompassing these concepts have influence across movies, television, and literary works. The fanbase is large. Despite the repetitiveness of the storyline, the zombie theme continues strong.

On the 15th of September, 2016 Firefly Books Ltd. released a new graphic novel titled Night of the Living Dead volume 1: The Sins of the Father. This literary work encapsulates Romero’s apocalyptic theme. Presented across the pages is a fresh and modernized adaptation of the source material. New characters and narrative unfold in this, the first chapter of the series. Jean-Luc Istin developed the reimagine story with the Elia Bonetti serving as the illustrator. Jean-Luc Istin Firefly Books Ltd Night of the Living Dead Volume 1 The Sins of the Father


Night of the Living Dead volume 1: The Sins of the Father is a gorgeous hardcover graphic novel. The cover depicts a snow-covered apocalyptic scene. A man carries his youngest while guiding his eldest child by the hand. The trio treks across a deserted roadway. Abandoned vehicles bordered the distance and are victim to winter’s assault.

Its said to never judge a book by its cover. Yet, Night of the Living Dead volume 1 does not pause with an impressive jacket. Elia Bonetti greets readers with realistic illustrations. Each panel is visually striking, each conveying a sense of violence, dread, and action. The level of detail within each design is astounding. Jean-Luc Istin Firefly Books Ltd Night of the Living Dead Volume 1 The Sins of the Father

Jean-Luc Istin presents an interesting story of survival. Readers will be immersed with an all-too-familiar narrative. Thrust into the midst of viral outbreak is a small cast of characters. Two stories unfold within Night of the Living Dead volume 1. The first is Leland and Lisbeth, siblings caught within zombie infested streets. The second story centers on Lisbeth’s husband and her two sons as they to find a way to survive the apocalypse. These individuals represent average and diverse backgrounds.

The horror presented in the story not based on zombies alone but on human emotion itself. Istin presents a zombie themed and it’s many facets of survival. Across the pages of Night of the Living Dead volume 1 is a modernized extension to a classic tale. The best part of the narrative is the suggestion of how the outbreak began.

Firefly Books Limited delivers on craftsmanship. Night of the Living Dead volume 1 is printed on a glossy paper stock. Colors are vivid and pop off from each page. The graphic novel itself is a work of art that can be best served a framed collectible.

Night of the Living Dead volume 1: The Sins of the Fatheravailable at Firefly Books Limited Official Website


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