Starblood Fuses Supernatural Horror and Eroticism 

Starblood , graphic novel details StarBlood Author: Carmilla Voiez illustrations: Anna Prashkovich

Written by  Carmilla Voiez

Illustrated by  Anna Prashkovich

Date of Release; September 30th, 2016

Format; paperback and Kindle.


Satori, an adept Chaos Magician, casts a spell to try and win back his lost love, Star. Lilith, mother of demons, has other ideas. Summoned by Satori’s magic, she makes it her mission to manipulate and separate the doomed lovers.


Starblood is an upcoming Horror themed graphic novel. Explored is a supernatural concept rich with sexual and violent overtones. These elements are projects in full force to the reader. Yet, Voiez and Prashkovich don’t tread on exploitation narratives. Instead, their talents conceive an engaging experience rich in feminist empowerment and sexuality.

Interest piqued after reading the introductory pages of Starblood. The foreword grants an idea of the creative direction employed. With that in mind, I queued several songs by Tristesse de la Lune and began my reading experience.

Narrative StarBlood Author: Carmilla Voiez illustrations: Anna Prashkovich
Page Excerpt, StarBlood Author: Carmilla Voiez illustrations: Anna Prashkovich

Voiez uses a poetic form to guide the reader across each page. Each sentence is a philosophy construct, an artistically formulated prose. Voiez forgoes on the use of subtleties. Each page is explicit in nature yet without gratuitous vulgarity. The author serves a delectable exploration of sexual themes. From lesbianism to fetishes, readers will meet these developing points to the story.

The author serves a delectable exploration of sexually charged themes. From lesbianism to fetishes, readers will be spellbound by these points to the story.

Starblood aims for mature readers. To reiterate, mature does not constitute age. Presented in this graphic novel are topics of engagement for any intellectual.

Readers will enjoy the dialogue presented in Starblood. Common trappings seen in many comic books are absent in Voiez’s supernatural creation. The exchange between characters offers a realistic tonality. This natural fluidity is a centerpiece of the story. In fact, for first-time readers of graphic novel literature, this is a welcoming factor.

The characters portrayed in Starblood are best summarized as cliché. In the Horror genre, a marriage between the occult and Goths have presence many times over. Yet, as an enthusiast of the Gothic genre therein lies some truth to this perception. The occult and many influences thereof are a pivotal focus for many in the community. This is one of those instances that art portrays a stereotype yet it doesn’t.

The backstory to each character has a casual approach. This is expected considering Starblood is the first in a series of future installments.

Illustrations StarBlood Author: Carmilla Voiez illustrations: Anna Prashkovich
Star and Lilith, StarBlood Author: Carmilla Voiez illustrations: Anna Prashkovich

Anna Prashkovich serves as the illustrator to Starblood. Prashkovich delivers a the panels with a black and white aesthetic. This choice does well to accent the supernatural themes presented. It is rare to see a perfect union between art and graphic novel literature.

Prashkovich created true to life concepts with each character. Readers will appreciate the depictions contained on the pages to Starblood. The female character, Star is picturesque with her innocent persona.

Star is a personal favorite out of the set of characters for this journalist. Yet, the antagonist Lilith is a beautiful entity. She is an embodiment of lust and carnage. Although an opposing force, Lilith portrays the definition of female empowerment.

The artwork serves as a perfect render of the Goth culture. Attention to small details is evident throughout Prashkovich’s work. For example; the protagonist Satori dons an iconic image on his t-shirt. The reference is of Bauhaus’ 1982  EP “Bela Lugosi is Dead”.  

Prashkovich does a remarkable work in depicting spectacles of violence and sex. The allure lies in the many scenes of carnivorous carnality. This is erotica at its finest. Yet, the artwork presented in Starblood is not subject to one definition. The interpretations are multi-layered. Therein lies the engagement between the reader and content creator. The key scene between Lilith and Star is a perfect example of symbolical projection.

In closing StarBlood Author: Carmilla Voiez illustrations: Anna Prashkovich
Satori, StarBlood Author: Carmilla Voiez illustrations: Anna Prashkovich

Starblood is a wicked piece of literature. This statement is with utmost positivity. Carmilla Voiez and Anna Prashkovich created a Horror concept with a bold perspective. The graphic visuals coupled with the sexually charged narrative accents the supernatural themes.

The characters may seem cliché. Yet, captures sound identity of the Goth culture. This categorization is on an exaggerated level of course. Prashkovich created attractiveness in each depiction and detail. From concepts to scenes each panel exhibits an eloquent spotlight on lifestyle and fantasy.

Starblood is an attention grabber with each page stroking the reader’s imagination. Pun intended. It’s advised to absorb the contents of Starblood with acute perception.

Through their talents, Carmilla Voiez and Anna Prashkovich deliver thought-provoking use of symbolism. Scenes of sex and violence are not presented for mere shock value. Therein lies some depictions that open the door for many interpretations. This is a novel for mature readers of any age, engage.

For more information visit Carmilla Voiez’s official website


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