Undetermined, Bullying And Horror, Sci-Fi Mix In Comic Book Debut

Undetermined Comic Book Details DecayMag.com Undetermined Writer: Andy Perry Illustrator: Chris Holmes Publisher: Quaktion Comics


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Undetermined explores ideas of causality and determinism. In quantum theory, every decision is played out across infinite multiverses. What if we could swap lives with the versions of ourselves who made those different decisions? What would happen to the universe we left behind? What if we could call upon the alternate versions of ourselves in our utmost time of need?

DecayMag.com Undetermined Writer: Andy Perry Illustrator: Chris Holmes Publisher: Quaktion Comics

The premise for Undetermined sounds fascinates with its blend of science fiction and science theory. Andy Perry penned the narrative that places a teen drama with multi-universes, multi-dimensions sci-fi aspects. The probability of knowing there are contrasting interpretations of ourselves in alternate worlds is an expression frequented in horror cinema.

In 2017, for example, Russ Emanuel released Occupants a Horror, Sci-Fi, based on a screenplay written by Julia Camara. Action films also have its share alternate universe storylines. Perry and Illustrator Chris Holmes have collaborated on the project, the comic book titled; Undetermined.

Perry presents a storyline himself, one that expresses today’s type of content creators, artists of the social media age. To concentrate full-time on creating fiction, comics and poetry Perry gave up his day job as an IT Consultant. Holmes is a cartoonist and New Zealand native where he runs his own marketing and design company.

Here’s an interesting tidbit off from the press release:

Andy lives in the UK, and Chris lives in New Zealand. They have spent the last year having early morning, and late evening Skype and messaging sessions to collaborate on their debut comic. Who needs sleep anyway?    

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The synopsis grasped my attention with its complex aspect and expression. Undetermined readers, at the outset, become familiarized with the protagonist, a young man named Robert. For the opening pages, themes of bullying and depression unfold. This part of the narrative touches on the nerve in today’s social and political headlines. Behind every good storytelling is a social commentary of substantial quality. Perry digs into our modern landscape and transcribes it well into the pages of Undetermined. It is adaptable, the narrative for younger readers who are and/or know of someone in a similar circumstance endured by the protagonist. Robert becomes a relatable character invested with the trials of middle school, intimate and family life. With this approach, Perry also introduces a love interest as part of the character development and subplot.

DecayMag.com Undetermined Writer: Andy Perry Illustrator: Chris Holmes Publisher: Quaktion Comics

While the perception and storyline have intellectual propositions, the illustration does not endorse this element. I had expected illustrations to convey realism and/or renders encapsulating realistic and comic book aesthetics. That is not the case, and it is unfortunate. The images contained within the pages of Undetermined are cartoonish with a blocky visual feel. Holmes’ illustrations may or may not be a problem depending on the reader. I desired a grasp of something within a sophisticated level of delivery. Undetermined may have gone a step above with Manga-type visuals as opposed to a comic book idea.

With the dialogue, Undetermined borders within an acceptable range. The words flow with it not being complex or simple. The exchanges between the characters are acceptable for a broad spectrum of reading levels and therefore will cater to a wide age demographic with ease. It is not until the final pages of the comic book that a philosophical nature flourishes. Yet, still, the sentence construction is not intimidating for younger readers.

DecayMag.com Undetermined Writer: Andy Perry Illustrator: Chris Holmes Publisher: Quaktion Comics

In Closing

Undetermined is an entertaining read with the potential to be a strong, successful series. The science fiction element interweaved with social issues prevalent among teens. Andy Perry constructed an intellectual drama. For the visuals, Horror and the unknown become weakened with non-intimidation tone, color, and artwork. Holmes’ has a broad spectrum in his illustration portfolio that would perform well as animations. Yet, Holmes needed to take Undetermined in a darker mood especially with the science fiction, Horror elements involved. For general audiences, however, Holmes finds the right chemistry to bring the characters and thier scenarios to life.



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