Undetermined vol 1-2 Entangled, Second Crowdfunding Launch To Expand Story

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Writer: Andy Perry




Artist and Letterer: Chris Holmes




Publisher: Quaktion Comics

Medium: Graphic Novel

Crowdfunding Platform:


Have you ever looked into an infinity mirror; a mirror where your reflections descend perpetually into darkness? What if all those reflections are alternate versions of yourself? Versions of you that made different decisions; decisions that become less subtle the further they descend. Now imagine you could swap places with those other yous. How determined would your future be? And what chaos would you leave behind?


Undetermined volume two continues with the events surrounding the protagonist Robert and his stumbling up a rip in the time/space fabric. The story delves within philosophy interpreted and proposed by the writer, Andy Perry.

The first issue of Undetermined introduced readers to the teenaged protagonist and his slate of problems. Writer, Andy Perry fabricates a character with flaws and grounded conflicts that reflect true to life scenarios. This is an intriguing character arc common with caped superheroes found major in comic book publications. Yet, the story presented in Undetermined is not the run-of-the-mill extravaganza of action sequences. Undetermined Volume One left readers wondering what circumstances would befall the protagonist. In particular, where is the pivotal antagonist?

With the success of the first crowdfunding campaign launched earlier this year writer Andy Perry and artist Chris Holmes return to introduce Undetermined Vol 1-2: Entangled.

“I was blown away by the support and enthusiasm for the first edition of Undetermined. When Andy and I started planning the second episode, I wanted to invest more in the artwork and reflect the descending levels of mood and craziness.”

Chris Holmes, Undetermined Artist

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Undetermined Writer: Andy Perry Artist and Letterer: Chris Holmes

Undetermined Volume Two has a deeper, and darker tone in comparison with the first publication release. The artwork, dialogue, and development of the story lean heavy into the realm of Horror and science fiction. Although this was the approach from the start readers will see a level of sophistication when presenting the plot.

Although the artwork offers a more violent approach to content, it still keeps an aesthetic centered towards pre-teen to teenage demographic.

While the dialogue and monologue presented in Volume Two are enjoyable, the expression feels better suited for a short story or novelization. With the limited number of pages offered to the reader, a cliffhanger seems to be the looming concern.

This leaves one wondering how many issues are in the forecast before the storyline comes to a close. Volume Two leaves the reader engaged and curious to know what and how the protagonist will come to resolve or cope with the external conflict.

An added highlight to Undetermined Vol 1-2: Entangled is the soundtrack accompaniment offered by the band You Win Again Gravity. This unique collaboration finds Perry penning the lyrics with You Win Again Gravity. The band would later compose and produce the song. Be sure to listen to You Win Again Gravity on Bandcamp.

“Much like the comic, the soundtrack for ‘Undetermined’ might seem simple on the surface, but it hides some subtle twists and turn, and describes a short journey of its own.”

Jack Jennings, You Win Again Gravity


A crowdfunding campaign will launch on Friday, November, 16th, 2018 under the label, Quaktion Comics. The mission is to secure funding for Undetermined Vol 1-2: Entangled. February 2019 is the target date to launch the next Undetermined chapter.

“we learnt so much from that first Kickstarter, we felt we could push a pre-Christmas 2018 Kickstarter of episode #2 to keep the momentum going.”

Andy Perry Undetermined writer

For a limited time, a free bare-bones copy of Undetermined Episode #1 and a 19-page preview of Episode #2 are available at the official website


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