Rites of Azathoth, Latest Novel Released From Horror Author Frank Cavallo


Rites of Azathoth, Frank Cavallo: Novel Released On Amazon

Rites of Azathoth, Frank Cavallo: Full Details DecayMag.com. Frank Cavallo, Bedlam Press, Necro Publications. Rites of Azathoth

Writer: Frank Cavallo

Publisher: Bedlam Press

Release Date: February 2017

Genre: Fiction, Horror


F.B.I. criminal profiler Diana Mancuso doesn’t do field work anymore. Not since a tragic mistake that cost innocent lives. But when notorious serial killer Luther Vayne escapes from prison and resumes his campaign of brutal murders, the Bureau convinces her to take one last case.

To catch him, she must understand him. She must delve into the arcana that fuels his madness, risking her life and her sanity to follow his twisted path.

The trail plunges her into a shadowy world of occult rituals and unspeakable horrors, leading to a secret cabal operating at the highest levels-and a plot to summon the darkest of all powers, to bring forth an evil that does not belong in our world-to enact the Rites of Azathoth.


Rites of Azathoth released! The dark novel is written by Frank Cavallo. Published by Bedlam Press, which is an Imprint of Necro Publications. This publishing company specialize in hardcore Horror Fiction.

The story follows ex F.B.I criminal profiler Diana Mancuso, who follows an occult-obsessed killer to stop his reign of madness. To catch him, she must first enter his mind. Thus, she is thrust into his dark world of madness.

Stories such as Rites of Azathoth has been seen countless times in Horror cinema. , this is my first time seeing it in Horror literature. The YouTube trailer shows it as a graphic novel or a picture book of some sort. However, the images could be for advertising and promotional purposes.

In any case, the trailer is like an adventure within itself. Its loaded with dark and macabre images and background music. The pages of the book are filled with foreign text. It heightens the enticement. It draws the viewer into wanting to learn more about the story.

Rites of Azathoth released this month. For more information and to purchase the book, visit:

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