Scott Frazelle’s Horror Short Story Pounces with Terror

Scott Frazelle’s upcoming film Moggy Creatures is in development. In our earlier coverage, we delved into the visual elements into Frazelle’s creative direction. Stacy Cox, staff correspondent for DecayMag provided analysis on the trailer to Moggy Creatures. 

Related article Moggy Creatures trailer analysis Scott Frazelle. Moggy CreaturesAvailable for Amazon Kindle is the short story to the upcoming film, Moggy Creatures. Scott Frazelle penned the composition, a work that would translate into a screenplay. Moggy Creatures as the title describes is a creature feature film. These themes are a regular presentation in the Horror genre. From cryptozoological beings to wild monstrosities beasts have become fragments of our nightmares. Yet, in this concept, none is more frightening than the threat of a domesticated animal.

Frazelle did not venture into the typical canine horror. On the contrary, the terror in Moggy Creatures is felines. To be specific, Felis catus otherwise known as the Sphynx cat is the antagonizing force. This concept is innovating. A trek into horror cinema history, we find that cats are rarely portrayed as the lethal predator.

On a side note, while pending this article an incident occurred. Our feline accidentally attacked content contributor Enid Artuz’s hand. Our mascot awoke from a passing vehicle. In fright, he struck the closest object. Talk about coincidence, talk about art imitating life.

In the short story, Scott Frazelle describes a terrifying set of circumstances. The tale begins innocent enough. A young couple finds a cat in distress. The story evolves from a touching act of kindness to an act of survival.

The set of characters is faced with an unknown threat. Within the latter portions of the short story, readers trek into scenes of carnage and gore. Use of imagination is a powerful tool. Frazelle makes great use of this instrument. Guiding readers is a suspenseful pace both addictive and intriguing.

The exciting part of the short story is the choreography. In the narrative, each beat complements the next. Readers are first introduced to the characters. The situation that develops begins with ease then terror. The series of events are engaging making it difficult to set the book down even for a second.

While the pace is exciting Frazelle’s horror short did not venture into any backstory. The antagonists, these felines are bloodthirsty. Why? Perhaps more will be explored in the feature adaptation. If a film were not in development. It is safe to admit this story to be incomplete. The characters are also open for expansion. These individuals are relatable and each offers more for audiences to appreciate. Hints of compelling sub-plots serve well as appetizing teasers.

As with most creative endeavors, the source of inspiration is simple. Disturbing animal noises during a dinner party triggered the idea for Moggy Creatures. The short story delivers tension and creative direction. Waiting with eager anticipation to see how the short story translates to film. There is no doubt, Moggy Creatures will be as exhilarating as the novel.


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