Strange Manga Way Delves into Manga Authors

Strange Manga Way, is a collection of previously published articles via Home-sha’s Monthly Comic Tokumori magazine. Now available for the first time in a one volume collection set, “Strange Manga Way” (Kaiki Manga Michi) will surely grab the attention of Horror enthusiasts and Manga lovers alike. Distributed by Shueisha’s Home-sha label, “Strange Manga Way” (Kaiki Manga Michi) provides an in depth look into four of the most popular Japanese Horror Manga creators to date. The profiles include; 

  • Junji Ito most notable for his works titled; ” Tomie”, “Uzumaki” and “Gyo” and many more.
  • Kanako Inuki, creator of the Horror manga; “School Zone”
  • Shinichi Koga, creator of Horror manga “Wizards of Darkness” (Eko Eko Azarak) which also spawned an anime series.
  •  Hideshi Hino, notable not only for his contributions in Horror manga with titles such as: “Hell Baby”, “Hino Horrors”, and “Panorama of Hell” but also for his directorial splatter films; “Guinea Pig” and “The Guinea Pig 6: Mermaid in a Manhole”

Written by Tsuyoshi Adachi and illustrated by Masaru Miyazaki, “Strange Manga Way” presents sample works and biographical content from each of the Horror manga creators featured. “Strange Manga Way” is now available for purchase and retails for $6.30 US including tax or 78 yen. The price is not bad considering you’ll be getting 216 pages worth of insight on influential Horror manga creators.  However, the only downside is that the book is only in Japanese and is available via Amazon Japan. Expect to see an English version sometime soon but if that doesn’t happen get your hands on “Strange Manga Way” and keep it as a collector’s item.




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