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Literature is the birthplace for the Horror genre. Many of the classic movie monsters seen in today’s films have origins in novels. If you’re an avid reader you’d know that the local bookstore was the best place to pacify reading interest. Of course, there’s the local library, to recall the library doesn’t have a coffee bar.

Over the years printed books are phasing out and in its place are digital editions. One can say that independent or upcoming authors with fresh macabre ideas are now easier to find. Within this digital age, there are many facets of accessing literature.

Tap by Wattpad

Wattpad is one one such destination with a mobile friendly app and an online presence. Wattpad provides a platform for aspiring authors to hone their craft. Regular persons can create and share their imagination across the globe. Wattpad is now extending their presence with a mobile phone app called Tap. Below is an excerpt from the email we received on this new product.

With Tap, Wattpad’s free chat-style story app, readers can experience that same feeling of suspense. Each story, whether it is a hair-raising thriller or murder mystery, unfolds via chat messages, as if you’re reading someone’s text conversation.

Since the release of Tap, there have been over 125 million taps and more than 25 thousand stories uploaded. 

Having not heard of Tap this sounds app looks to appeal to younger demographic. Pre-teen to teens is likely the target audience. This is speculation of course. Combining storytelling with a chat interface will attract those that find reading unappealing. This is a benefit. Providing instant gratification to literature is an unorthodox marriage of opposites. Yet, with today’s fast-paced society this becomes expected.

Some of the top horror stories among fans this week include:

There’s Something in the Woods by KarateChop (9,782,534 taps)

  • Poison by Tiffany Duane (2,951,976 taps)
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