ZILF? Yes, meaning is just that..

ZILF! comes from the creative mind of Tim Marquitz, author of the Zombie apocalyptic book series titled, “Demon Squad”. Tim Marquitz launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter with the hopes of obtaining funds to complete his next venture, the Horror/comedy zombie themed novel “ZILF!”.  Renowned artist Carter Reid would contribute stunning artwork to the novel “ZILF!” including the cover,  this with the aid of financial contributions from fans.  In addition funding will also be aimed toward the expenses of packaging and distribution by  STK Kreations.

The synopsis to the novel “ZILF!” is as follows:

Comfortably situated at the end of the world Ash stumbles across a group of soldiers traveling through his neighborhood and meets Vix, the hottest pseudo-corpse since Lily Munster. Lonely, and mostly bored off his ass, Ash invites them to dinner only to have uninvited guests show up for a nibble. A cannibalistic nibble, that is, and these guys like their meat burnt.

Ash’s home and a lifetime of supplies go up in flames and he’s forced to flee with the soldiers. Nowhere else to go he joins their mission: To hunt down the only scientist capable of saving Vix from the horrible infection that threatens to turn her into a full blown zombie.

(Excerpt Kickstarter)

If you’re a fan of zombie themed literature stop on by Tim Marquitz website to view his extensive collection of self-published books. If you’re familiar with the literary works of Tim Marquitz head on over to his Kickstarter  campaign and offer your support toward his upcoming novel “ZILF!”





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