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Dear Visitor

You’ll notice companies such as Amazon or Shudder displayed on the DecayMag website. These links and banners are not advertisements. Unlink most Horror themed news websites DecayMag will not bombard audiences with advertisements. To pacify questions and debate every member of our Affiliate Program relates to our brand and core values. Amazon Support Us Via Affiliate ProgramTo alleviate the growing expenses on running our website and podcast we’re implementing affiliate links.

Affiliate links work as follows:

• Clicking one of these links will direct you to the vendor’s (ex: Amazon) website. Making a purchase on that vendor’s website grants us, DecayMag a small commission. This percentage is based on your purchase.

• This commission is our percentage for having referred you to the vendor’s site. There’s no obligation to buy or extra cost to you as a customer. To reiterate you, as a buyer, are not subject to an inflated price charge for our referral. The cost of the product remains the same. The commission we receive from the affiliate vendor comes out of their budget, not yours.

• Implementing affiliate links will not sway our opinions in our reviews. Nor do the affiliate links serve as a way to influence sales. Adding affiliate links to DecayMag serve two beneficial purposes.

Let’s say you, as a reader, enjoyed our review of a particular film. You then decide to buy the Blu-Ray, DVD of the film mentioned in the article. Accessing the affiliate link in the article directs you to the vendor. From there you can complete your order.

The commissions are also retracted if you decide to return your product.

Using coding magic the vendor is then alerted that DecayMag referred you, the customer. The vendor then sends us a percentage of the sale as a commission. Your purchase of the Blu-Ray, DVD also supports the filmmaker. It is a win-win. This is #supportingindiehorror.

Commissions earned through these affiliate links will aid in budget costs, covering areas needed to continue our services.

To sum, affiliate links serve the following purposes

1. Directs potential customers to an online vendor (e.g. Amazon) to which you can buy a product
2. The online vendor gets alerted that the referral originated from DecayMag
3. Your purchase grants DecayMag a commission based on the referral
4. Are you buying or renting a Horror film? Filmmakers will also benefit from your purchase.