From “Rubberman” of season one, to the serial killer “Bloodyface” of season two to “Twisty the Clown” of season four Horror Anthology television series; “American Horror Story” has had some of the most memorable characters. In addition, AHS has continuously pushed the envelope with it own unique brand of horror for the small screen. Case in point, we’ve seen rape, decapitations and dismemberment and lets not forget Neil Patrick Harris’ sex scene with a two-headed woman.

Presently the fifth season of “American Horror Story” is in development and producers of the series  have almost made it a priority to create grittier visuals for the installment dubbed “Hotel”. During the recent TCA event AHS Co-creator Ryan Murphy reveals that year’s installment will have:

“the most disturbing scene we’ve ever done”

Murphy is referring to a scene involving the new horrifying creature seen in the AHS teaser seen here:



The name of this malevolent creature is “The Addiction Demon” and from the looks of him he appears to have his eyes and mouth covered with excess skin. The perverse nature of the creature can be greatly reflected by the conical metal dildo he wears. On the new supernatural entity Ryan Murphy adds:

“He is a representation of that and what people go through fighting addiction…It’s not done lightly or blithely. I think it’s very powerful and strong.”

“The Addiction Demon”  will make an appearance in the season premier along with Sarah Paulson’s character “Sally” and Max Greenfield’s character “Gabriel”, both of whom will encounter the demon for a nice love scene.  Max Greenfield, who portrays “a platinum blonde junkie” who checks into the Cortez offers his opinion on AHS co-creator, Ryan Murphy’s disturbing vision, Greenfield states:

“Ryan gets real pleasure out of how far, I think, he can push it. And when we were doing that stuff, he was happy and he was scared. We all were. And it was a good vibe on set because of that. I think we were like, ‘Fuck yeah, man. Let’s push this and let’s see how far we can go.”





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