American Horror Story Season Six A Mockumentary

American Horror Story: “My Roanoke Experience”


American Horror story season six had its debut episode minutes ago. Followers of the anthology series wondered on the theme in this latest installment. Trailers emerged over the past few weeks. Each segment hinted on a potential lead. Yet, each trailer was nothing more than distractions. With exception to the cast and crew, no one knew what the next supernatural or the macabre tale would be.

American Horror Story season six is a mockumentary. Presented is a true account portrayal of a “real life” haunting. The aesthetic mirrors countless ghost story reenactments in circulation on the airwaves. Many Horror enthusiasts should be familiar with these programs. The format presents witness accounts retold from a dramatization perspective. Actors would reenact scenes while voiceover narration describes the situation. Scenes would often cut to actual witness testimony. Brad Falchuk, Ryan Murphy. American Horror Story

This is a clever method of presenting a supernatural theme. American Horror Story Season one also delved into a haunted home concept. Instead of revisiting that route producers adopted a form of authenticism.

The season six premiere laid out the foundation for the episodes to follow. Introduced are several of the key characters. Also presented is a basic exploration for the narrative. Sub-plots have yet to be traversed. Many devout followers to

Many devout followers to American Horror Story will recognize some familiar cast members. Joining the cast is veteran actor Cuba Gooding Jr.

Producers used an exceptional marketing tactic for the sixth season of American Horror Story. Did the decision to entice viewership stem from declining ratings. Doubtful. The series is one of the most popular shows on FX.

From a personal perspective, AHS Season 6 pulled this writer’s curiosity. “My Roanoke Experience” is inventive in its approach. Let’s see what the rest of the season presents its audience.


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