American Horror Story: Season 6: The Mystery Still Remains

American Horror Story: Season 6: FX Produces Fake Promos

Creators: Brad Falchuk, Ryan Murphy

Release Date: September 14, 2017

Overview Brad Falchuk, Ryan Murphy. American Horror StorySeason 6 of American Horror Story is gearing up for its big premiere on September 14, 2016, but it looks like there’s still some confusion as to what season 6 will be about. There have been constant speculations and assumptions, but nothing, as of yet, points to the right conclusion.

From the apocalypse to the supernatural, fans of the popular Drama, Horror, Thriller series have been on edge about what this season’s topic could be, as they do for every season.

One thing’s for sure; the production crew is very good at keeping things mysterious and secretive, just enough to produce hype and intensity amongst the fans.

In a previous update, speculation circled highly around Roanoke County as AHS season 6’s theme. With plenty of images and teasers to entertain curiosity, there was a high prediction rate that this was the jackpot. However, recent news has determined that was, in fact, a hoax. Brad Falchuk, Ryan Murphy. American Horror Story

In other news, there was speculation that AHS season 6 could be inspired by the Charles Manson Family. With more obvious clues and teasers abroad, fans were certain that this would be the theme. What clues gave suspicion that Charles Manson would be the center of attention?

After a series of video teasers shared by FX across Snapchat, one fan caught one of the biggest clues. The word “PIG”. Of course, anyone who knows of the Charles Manson Family history knows what this reference is all about.

For those who need a brief history lesson, the young adults of the Charles Manson Family committed heinous crimes, which were all orchestrated by Manson, himself.

Sharon Tate, who was a famous actress, and who was pregnant at the time, was one of the victims in the brutal Manson murders. Her body was found with the word “PIG” written on Brad Falchuk, Ryan Murphy. American Horror Story

Charles Manson Family would certainly make for an interesting topic. Unfortunately, we’ve been hoaxed yet again. Maybe. According to Entertainment Weekly, FX CEO, John Landgraf has revealed that the teasers were centered around hypothetical themes. So, even though suspicious highly points towards one thing, the outcome could be completely different and, possibly, shocking.

Here is what we do know: our favorite cast will definitely be returning in AHS Season 6, including Lady Gaga, Kathy Bates, Dennis O’Hare, Angela Bassett, Sarah Paulson, Finn Wittrock, Wes Bentley, Cheyenne Jackson, Leslie Jordan, and Matt Bomer.

The big question is: What is AHS Season 6 about? In a bombshell, it was confessed that the promo videos are intentionally fakes and misleading. However, one of the videos is the right one. In a sweepstake that was created, fans can vote for which teaser they think is the right one.

In all actuality, we may not know the AHS Season 6 theme until it’s premiere, but one thing’s for sure; there are a lot of teasers and promos to keep your curiosity busy in the meantime. To vote for the correct promo, visit

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