“American Horror Story” Offers Visceral

decaymag.com Lady Gaga AHS: HotelLast night was the season premier to the much anticipated fifth season of horror anthology series; “American Horror Story”. This season titled: “Hotel” takes inspiration to a mysterious event that occurred at The Cecil Hotel in downtown Los Angeles. However, what unfolded on the the small screen during last night’s season premier was something far more enticing, engrossing and explicit than the influential grabbing headline.  Firstly, the visuals to “American Horror Story: Hotel” were absolutely amazing, everything from  Liz Taylor’s attire to Lady Gaga’s weird daycare center resonated with a life on its own.

A plethora of horror, sex and gore were shown prominently on the season premiere to “American Horror Story: Hotel”.  While investigating a series of barbaric murders John Lowe discovers the symbolic display of two lovers cheating on their respected spouses. The female victim was murdered and had her hands strategically nailed to the headboard. Positioned beneath her is her male lover, his eyes were gouged and tongue removed. To add to the horror the viewer is informed that the male’s penis is super glued within the woman’s vagina and most likely would have to be severed in order to separate them.

John Lowe, taunted by the serial killer, is advised of yet another spectacle of carnage. This time to an abandoned home, suspended within are the bodies of another unfortunate couple. The gore factor is enhanced further with the display of their intestines exiting their lifeless bodies.

Lady Gaga’s role on “American Horror Story: Hotel” got off to a very bloody start (for those who’ve watched the season decaymag.com american horror story hotel anal rapepremier to “Hotel” would get the creatively written pun).  The controversial pop artist is no stranger to gore and promiscuity. Lady Gaga blended perfectly within the much talked about orgy scene, one that ended quite violently for her lovers.

Finally, there is the anal rape of one of the characters, a junkie who unfortunately stumbled upon the Cortez Hotel. The attacker was a faceless demonic entity utilizing a sharp phallic device as his instrument of pleasure and pain. If the first episode is any indication of the direction the producers have opted to take “American Horror Story” expect to see the most controversial and most watched season since the inception of the series.

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