Bad Timing YouTube Series Has Season Finale

Bad Timing YouTube Series Details  Andy Goldenberg Bad Timing

Director: Andy Goldenberg

Writer:  Andy Goldenberg

Release Format: YouTube

MPAA Rating: N/A

Genre: Comedy, Romance

Episodes: 34

Seasons: 2


An adorably awkward IT guy finally gets a shot with the girl of his dreams – shortly after a zombie apocalypse.


Zombie themed comedies are a welcome addition to the overall sub-genre. This is a creative direction that puts a different light on the usual blood and gore zombies films are appreciated for.

The UK seems to have a strong foothold with zombie comedies with the US trailing not too far behind with successful execution. Independent filmmakers are always creating new frontiers with the zombie theme and with this, we introduce Andy Goldenberg and his YouTube series Bad Timing.  Andy Goldenberg Bad Timing


Andy Goldenberg is a writer, actor, and editor with credits in production spanning from 2001. His YouTube channel, Goldentusk offers a slate of comedy sketches involving different genres. One of Goldenberg’s projects, Bad Timing ended its season finale on the 20th of June 2018.

Bad Timing blends the seriousness of a zombie apocalypse, romance, and comedy into short consumable segments. Goldenberg’s comedy. horror earned seven (7) Indie Series Awards in Los Angeles and won Best Guest Actor for Zac Titus’s portrayal of Zombie Brad.

Besides the Bad Timing episodes there also provided on the Goldentusk YouTube channel are outtakes to compliment the comedic element of the Bad Timing series.

Below is an excerpt off from the Goldentusk YouTube page

Watch the Goldentusk original Comedy Series, BAD TIMING. It’s a geekier version of THE WALKING DEAD, if the show had been written by a young Woody Allen and never featured zombies. Nina Terrero from Entertainment Weekly called it, “her new obsession”, “the best zombie webseries everrr”, and one of the “coolest, quirkiest, and absolute weirdest new web series”. Geeked Out Nation said it “leaves you wanting more”, “its possibilities are endless”, and “you definitely want to watch.” Tubefilter called it “far from your typical zombie series” where the “smart script takes center stage.”

Have you seen Bad Timing? Share your thoughts on this exciting zombie apocalypse series in the comments section below.  Andy Goldenberg Bad Timing


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