Chilling Entertainment Expands With Animation Project, Kickstarter Launched

Chilling Tales for Dark Nights Crowdfunding  Details

Crowdfunding platform: Kickstarter 


Craig Groshek is the creator and director of Chilling Entertainment. Since 2012 Groshek released Horror entertainment via Chilling Tales for Dark Nights website. Each segment of terror is distinct with professional quality storytelling. A collective of talent is responsible for spawning hours of captivating tales.

Chilling Tales for Dark Nights is a remarkable project. The contributing writers, sound designers, and voice-over actors collaborate online!

Over the years Groshek’s audio creation garnered the attention of the Horror community. Whether its via the website, Simply Scary Podcast podcasts or Youtube channel viewership and subscribers continue to increase. The Chilling Entertainment YouTube channel has garnered over one hundred seventy thousand subscribers. Combined, the videos released have over eighteen million views. This is quite the accomplishment.

Now Craig Groshek and his team are undertaking a new venture, animation.

DecayMag Chilling Tales for Dark Nights Crowdfunding

Kickstarter Campaign

Chilling Tales for Dark Nights and Simply Scary Podcast teams are creating their first visual media production. The project will be an animated horror anthology television series. Securing distribution for with Netflix, Amazon, SyFy is the goal for the team.

First, the major hurdle resides in securing funds to complete the project. A crowdfunding campaign began to secure thirty thousand dollars ($30,000 goal). To date, seventy-three (73) backers have donated. Seven thousand one hundred five dollars ($7,105) is the amount accrued. To date, twenty-three days remain for the crowdfunding campaign to end

Matt Dymerski will write the pilot, an original piece for the animation project. Dymerski is well regarded as a horror fiction and Creepypasta author. His contribution towards Chilling Tales for Dark Nights will not doubt be much anticipated.

For more information stop by the Kickstarter campaign. Available on the campaign page is a wealth of extra, in-depth information. As usual, a slate of awards is available depending on the level of contribution.

DecayMag Chilling Tales for Dark Nights Crowdfunding


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