Crystal Lake, Friday the 13th Series DOA

Crystal Lake, Friday the 13th CW Gives up on series

Overview Friday the 13th: Crystal Lake MemoriesThe Friday the 13th television series had a successful run. That was long ago. 

The movie-inspired Horror television show started in 1987 and had a total of 72 episodes over 3 seasons. There hasn’t been an episode since 1990, however, the show was slated for a reboot in 2017, under the title Friday the 13th: Crystal Lake Chronicles. Larry B. Williams, Frank Mancuso Jr. "Friday the 13th"The original Friday the 13th series was created by Larry B. Williams and Frank Mancuso Jr., and had an outstanding crew of directors and writers. The show starred Louise Robey, Chris Wiggins, and John  D. LeMay, all of whom stayed the longest in the show’s 4-year run.

Steve Mitchell and Craig Van Sickle were slated to write the 2017 reboot until the plans to go forward with the reboot fell through after the pitch of the Pilot.

The Pilot for Friday the 13th: Crystal Lake Chronicles was geared for January 13, 2017, premiere. The series would have focused on the characters of Crystal Lake, who were forced to confront the return of an unspeakable evil.

Mark Pedowitz, network president of CW, confirmed at the TCA presentation, that they are no longer continuing the television series. During an interview, Pedowitz explained to the press that the series was no longer in development.

“We didn’t believe it was a sustainable script or a sustainable series. It was a very good pilot, but not a sustainable series.”

Mark Pedowitz

However, just because the series is discontinued by CW, doesn’t mean that it has to be discontinued for good.

CW’s rights to the series expire in January. After that, the Friday the 13th series will become a free agent to whoever wants to take over the show, and hopefully guide it down a whole new path if that, in fact, does happen.


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