Damien The Series Succumbs to Ratings, Canceled

Damien, the film to television adaptation based on “The Omen” film franchise was short-lived. After one ten-episodic season, the supernatural based Drama got nixed by A&E Network. The intense marketing campaign began in 2015. In fact, Comic-Con 2015 was abuzz with the latest “Damien” announcements.  Yet, the publicity and marketing weren’t enough to conjure enough spirits to tune in.

Show creator Glen Mazzara announced the cancellation of the show via his Twitter account. In the tweets that followed, Mazzara thanked the cast and crew that made the series possible.


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“Damien” aired between March 7, 2016, to May 9, 2016. According to ratings statistics “Damien” did not near the one million viewer mark.

[one_sixth]Season One [/one_sixth][one_sixth]Episode[/one_sixth][one_sixth] Date Aired[/one_sixth][one_sixth] Episode Name[/one_sixth][one_sixth]Viewer (.mil)[/one_sixth][one_sixth_last][/one_sixth_last]

[one_sixth]Season One [/one_sixth][one_sixth]Ep 1[/one_sixth][one_sixth] 7 Mar. 2016[/one_sixth][one_sixth] The Beast Rises[/one_sixth][one_sixth]0.753[/one_sixth][one_sixth_last][/one_sixth_last]

[one_sixth]Season One [/one_sixth][one_sixth]Ep 2[/one_sixth][one_sixth] 14 Mar. 2016[/one_sixth][one_sixth] The Second Death[/one_sixth][one_sixth]0.535[/one_sixth][one_sixth_last][/one_sixth_last]

[one_sixth]Season One [/one_sixth][one_sixth]Ep 3[/one_sixth][one_sixth] 21 Mar. 2016[/one_sixth][one_sixth] The Deliverer[/one_sixth][one_sixth]0.515[/one_sixth][one_sixth_last][/one_sixth_last]

[one_sixth]Season One [/one_sixth][one_sixth]Ep 4[/one_sixth][one_sixth] 28 Mar. 2016[/one_sixth][one_sixth] The Number of a Man[/one_sixth][one_sixth]0.479[/one_sixth][one_sixth_last][/one_sixth_last]

[one_sixth]Season One [/one_sixth][one_sixth]Ep 5[/one_sixth][one_sixth] 4 Apr. 2016[/one_sixth][one_sixth] Seven Curses[/one_sixth][one_sixth]0.371[/one_sixth][one_sixth_last][/one_sixth_last]

[one_sixth]Season One [/one_sixth][one_sixth]Ep 6[/one_sixth][one_sixth] 11 Apr. 2016[/one_sixth][one_sixth]Temptress[/one_sixth][one_sixth]0.466[/one_sixth][one_sixth_last][/one_sixth_last]

[one_sixth]Season One [/one_sixth][one_sixth]Ep 7[/one_sixth][one_sixth] 18 Apr. 2016[/one_sixth][one_sixth]Abattoir[/one_sixth][one_sixth]0.432[/one_sixth][one_sixth_last][/one_sixth_last]

[one_sixth]Season One [/one_sixth][one_sixth]Ep 8[/one_sixth][one_sixth]25 Apr. 2016[/one_sixth][one_sixth]Here is Wisdom[/one_sixth][one_sixth]0.421[/one_sixth][one_sixth_last][/one_sixth_last]

[one_sixth]Season One [/one_sixth][one_sixth]Ep 9[/one_sixth][one_sixth]2 May. 2016[/one_sixth][one_sixth]The Devil You Know[/one_sixth][one_sixth]0.406[/one_sixth][one_sixth_last][/one_sixth_last]

[one_sixth]Season One [/one_sixth][one_sixth]Ep 10[/one_sixth][one_sixth]9 May. 2016[/one_sixth][one_sixth]Ave Santani[/one_sixth][one_sixth]0.405[/one_sixth][one_sixth_last][/one_sixth_last]

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“Damien” Hell Bound

The cancellation is well deserved. Sure a lot of effort and ingenuity went into the development of the series. That much is not denied. The program served as interest to some. Yet, presenting regurgitated ideas is not a form of entertainment for the majority. Reboots and remakes only projects a deficit in originality. The production team relies on “The Omen” franchise as a source material. This much is evident. Yet, mirrored were ideas from other sources. Many would argue this to be the norm, especially in Horror cinema. The truth is there is a difference between influence and copying, innovation and imitation.

As DecayMag.com pointed out in our earlier podcast episodes . The trailer to “Damien” borrowed ideas from Techland’s open world zombie game “Dead Island”. Take a look at the videos yourselves provided below.

“Damien” centered on the adult life of the fictional character; Damien Thorn. Thorn is the antichrist and the intent of the series was to explore his backstory.

According to IMDB.com the Synopsis to “Damien” reads as follows:

“After discovering his origins, Damien Thorn must cope with life as the Anti-Christ.”

“Damien” is not the last film to the television adaptation. The next series doomed for failure is “The Exorcist”. The Series slated to air on FOX also serves as an extension to the flatlined franchise. Our prediction; it will not exceed one season.


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