Exorcist The TV Series: Teaser Released

Exorcist The TV Series: To Debut on Fox

Director: Rupert Wyatt

Writers: William Peter Blatty, Jeremy Slater

Release Date: September 23, 2016

Release Format: Television, FOX

MPAA Rating: Not Rates

Horror Sub-Genre: Horror, Thriller


The Exorcist the television series is gearing up for release next month. The Horror-Thriller is directed by Rupert Wyatt, written by Jeremy Slater, and based on the original novel by William Peter Blatty.

The Exorcist the novel was published in 1971 and became one of the most well-written, disturbing, profound novels ever written. This novel also went on to inspire 1973 film directed by William Friedkin, and he did an exceptional job at bringing the story to life on the big screen.

The Exorcist counts the trials and tribulations of a family who become victim to a demonic entity. Their adolescent daughter becomes the demon’s prized possession. Just like the novel, the film also had a tremendous amount of success that transcended boundaries.

Ellen Burstyn, Linda Blair, and Max von Sydow did exceptionally well in their star character performances, leaving a truly impactful cinematic experience for audiences. Today, William Friedkin’s The Exorcist still holds it’s reputation as one of the terrifying films ever made.

The Exorcist the television series is a contemporary psychological thriller that will follow two different priests taking on one family’s case of demonic possession.

The Exorcist the Television Series Details:

“THE EXORCIST” is a propulsive psychological thriller following two very different priests tackling one family’s case of horrifying demonic possession. FATHER TOMAS ORTEGA (Alfonso Herrera) is the new face of the Catholic Church: progressive, ambitious, and compassionate. He runs a small but loyal parish in the suburbs of Chicago. He has no idea that his quiet life is about to change forever.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, another priest finds himself locked in a life-and-death struggle with evil. FATHER MARCUS BRENNAN (Ben Daniels) is a modern-day Templar Knight, an orphan raised since childhood by the Vatican to wage war against its enemies. Father Marcus is everything Father Tomas is not: relentless, abrasive, and utterly consumed by his sacred mission.

Caught in the middle is the RANCE family, members of Tomas’ parish. On the surface, they’re a normal, suburban family, but all is not as it seems in this household. The patriarch, HENRY RANCE (guest star Alan Ruck), is slowly but surely losing his mind. Eldest daughter KATHERINE (Brianne Howey) has become a recluse who refuses to leave her room.

Taking a look at the official trailer for The Exorcist, it definitely serves my speculation that there is a lot going on. You see the different worlds all unfolding in under three minutes. You see the battles and the struggles of each world.

The Exorcist trailer is dark and mysterious, with some subtle intense action scenes popping up. For the trailer, this is very enticing and exciting. Now, just to see how this plays out in the different episodes.


Of course, this is a very different perspective from The Exorcist original novel and film. There already looks to be a lot going on here. Three different people. Three different worlds. But all centering on one family. As congesting as this all sounds, it could work if traveled diligently.

The episodes look to be hour-long episodes, so that should be ample time to accommodate the incredible load that prevails.

The Exorcist the television series will release on FOX on September 23, 2016.



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