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Exorcist, the title is synonymous with horror cinema. The film is a timeless classic an genre defining medium. that transcended cultures and barriers. “The Exorcist” tells the account of the demonic possession of a young woman. The plot also delves into her family’s fight against unknown forces of evil. The film is based on the novel written by William Blatty published on 1971.  A documented case of demonic possession in 1949 served as inspiration. The case involved a young man in Maryland.

Released in theaters in 1973, “The Exorcist” sparked controversy within the religious community. The film was ahead of its time with its production value. This timeless classic outshines modern cinema and its heavy use of CGI imagery. “The Exorcist” implemented realistic approach in its production. The end result paid off, the horrifying depicted on screen is unlike any other in the genre. Since then the film has become the most influential medium in Horror and general cinema. Directed by William Friedkin “The Exorcist” would became the first Horror film nominated for an Academy Award. The film went on to win an Academy Award for Writing Adapted Screenplay and for Best Sound Mixing. “The Exorcist” earned Golden Globe nominations for Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor and New Star of The Year.

“The Exorcist” For Television Audiences

Variety published an article earlier this week. The reputable entertainment news source revealed a potential revitalization and modernization to “The Exorcist”. The project is a collaboration between 20th Century Fox Television and Morgan Creek Productions. Yet, the intended medium will not be remade as a feature film but as a one-hour drama television series. A pilot is set to begin development and air on Fox. The news may rattle disapproval by many Horror enthusiasts including myself. It seems as network and production companies have lost their touch in creativity. Regurgitating pre-conceived concepts to accommodate modern audiences has no foundation as entertainment. Over the years, many  classic horror films failed to meet expectations as small screen reiterations.

Redefine the genre! The industry is talent rich with writers, producers and directors. Our advanced technology opends the door for exceptional productions. Big budgets serve as the fuel to back original Horror content.  Thus, why aren’t we presented with thought provoking material in the genre? The blatant lack of creativity by these studios is a dreadful fact to accept. It’s advisable for the horror enthusiasts to pacify curiosity and interest. Avoid pea soup spewing reaction and bypass “The Exorcist” television adaptation.  The mere thought of such an endeavor is insulting.

No word yet on who will be attached to the project. Since the announcement no further information is available on release date.

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