Freakish: Hulu Gets AwesomenessTV Horror Series AwesomenessTV hulu Freakish Television Horror Series Details

Director: Chris Grismer

Writer: Beth Szymkowski

Release Date: TBA, 2016

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“Freakish”, a 10-episode horror series is set to premiere on Hulu after exclusive streaming rights were attained. The series is directed by Chris Grismer and written by Beth Szymkowski. The executive producers are Brian Robbins, Shelley Zimmerman, Beth Szymkowski, Matt Lewis, and Chris Grismer. AwesomenessTV’s CEO, Brian Robbins and Hulu’s Head of Content, Craig Erwich are collaborating to bring “Freakish” to Hulu, which will happen sometime later this year. The details:

The Logline:

“‘Freakish’ centers on a group of small town high school students fighting for survival after a meltdown at the local chemical plant creates “predatory mutant freaks.”

The cast:

Chad Michael Collins (“Sniper”) will play a mysterious character that crosses paths with the students in the aftermath of the epidemic.

Chad L. Coleman (“The Walking Dead”)

Tyler Chase (“The Walking Dead”)

Leo Howard (“Conan the Barbarian”)

Liza Koshy (“Boo! A Madea Halloween”)

Adam Hicks (“The Boy Next Door”)

Aislinn Paul (“Degrassi: The Next Generation”)

Meghan Rienks (“Oscar’s Hotel for Fantastical Creatures”)

Hayes Grier (ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars”)

Melvin Gregg (“Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!”)

Mary Mouser (“Body of Proof”)

Chachi Gonzales (“AXI: Avengers of eXtreme Illusions”)

Executive producer Shelley Zimmerman says:

“Our Gen Z craves binge-worthy, on demand entertainment, which is why we’re excited to be in business with Hulu.” AwesomenessTV hulu "Freakish"I must say that this intrigues me. I’m not real big on television shows or series; I’m more of a movie person. However, zombies are always a good topic for me. You can’t really go wrong with a zombie flick or show. Given the hype and success of “The Walking Dead” (which I still have yet to watch, by the way) and “The Scout’s Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse”, I am curious to see how a zombie show that centers around teenagers will play out. I have been getting caught up on shows lately. I just finished the first season of “‘Scream”, and started “Slasher” today. I plan to make my way back to “The Walking Dead”, and I will be looking out for “Freakish” later this year.

What’s really exciting is all of the new movies and shows that have been premiering on Netflix and Hulu lately. It used to feel like walking through a maze to find a good horror flick. I’ve opted to try other streaming platforms, such as Shudder and Screambox. However, the problem with these platforms is they almost never work. The movies are usually blurry and constantly lagging and buffering. Netflix and Hulu have always been the more quality streaming platforms. With the new releases, it is now a breeze to find something to watch on these top platforms. I hope this only continues, bringing more options to Netflix and Hulu.


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