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Linda Blair is famously known for her phenomenal performance in William Friedkin’s 1973 The Exorcist, among other movies of course. William Peter Blatty’s 1971 novel and Friedkin’s film adaptation was a sensation that was before it’s time, and shocked a lot of readers and audiences. Linda Blair The Exorcist Banned Horror Films

Now, here we are in the third week of Slater’s 2016 modern television show adaptation, and so far it’s picking up to a great start.

Even though The Exorcist television series is inspired by the novel and film, it’s still it’s own entity, as it takes a slightly different path. There are generally three different stories and worlds, but it all centers in on one. Linda Blair
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Shockingly, but probably not so shockingly, Linda Blair, or any of the actors from the original film made an appearance in the television series.

I guess this shouldn’t be a surprise, as it’s very rare where veteran actors reprise their original roles in newer film adaptations, remakes, and reboots. The Exorcist the television series wouldn’t be an exception.

But the reasoning behind Blair not making an appearance in the television series apparently has nothing to do with her not wanting anything to do with it, rather than she not being asked to star in the show.

According to an interview between Blair and Forbes, she was asked if she had been contacted in regards to the show, in which she responds that she has not been approached at all.

“They haven’t contacted me or reached out at all. If they want to play ball, let’s play ball. I should be involved but they have never invited me to. So far they have only said it to the press. We wish them all the best, we really do.

Geena Davis is a huge fan of it all and I’m a huge fan of hers so of course, I’m going to wish them good luck with it. I don’t want people to fail, that’s not who I am.”

Linda Blair

I find this very interesting and odd at the same time. You would think the idea of veteran actors reprising their roles, or at least being involved in the works that they have made successful would be something huge to directors.

How many remakes are rumored or due to come out between 2016 and 2017 (A Nightmare On Elm Street, Leatherface, Halloween, IT), and fans and audiences would rather the original actors came back, versus a whole new cast.

Not saying that a whole new cast is necessarily a bad thing. At the same time, fans and audiences that grew up in the 70’s and 80’s, these movies and actors were their childhood favorites, so you would rather stick to what you know, in a sense. Jeremy Slater, William Petter Blatty, Michael Nankin, Rupert Wyatt, Craig Zisk. "The Exorcist"

Likewise, Geena Davis, as Blair has mentioned, is an awesome actor herself. We know her from Beetlejuice, another 1980’s childhood favorite directed by Tim Burton.

I’m very interested to see how this series will play out. Right now things are more on the calm side as things are just getting heated up. If it’s anything like its previews, then this could be a potentially successful show.

In all cases, Blair has been tapping into The Exorcist territory in other ways. She recently attended the Universal Studios Hollywood’s Halloween Horror Nights, where The Exorcist-themed maze was created.

“I think it’s fantastic. The imagery is great and I think people are going to love it. The special effects and how they have brought key parts of the movie to life, and some of the characters, are just amazing.

It brings back memories and creates images that people are so familiar with and want to see and experience.”

Linda Blair

Blair is also keeping busy in other ways, such as her animal charity as well as the Linda Blair Worldheart Foundation (LBWF).

LBWF is a unique safe haven for animals providing top-quality, life long care to the animals it rescues. Using Ms. Blair’s status as a public figure, we bring much needed attention to growing problems concerning our animal companions.

LBWF is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) tax deductible organization. We are dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating abused, neglected, and abandon animals from the harsh streets of the Los Angeles area, as well as from the overcrowded, overwhelmed city and county animal shelters.

“For me now, my passion now is my animal charity and my charity, The Linda Blair WorldHeart Foundation, is so important to me.”

Linda Blair

For more information about this charity, visit LBWF.


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