Shyamalan to Direct Reboot to “Tales From the Crypt”

Shyamalan will modernize short stories based on the gruesome EC comics of the 1950’s and hosted by “The Crypt Keeper”.

Big news just keeps reeling in. 2016 sure came in with a bang and continues to deliver the surprises. One of my favorite Horror shows as a child was “Tales From the Crypt”.  News recently circulated that it will get a reboot. Guess who’s directing it?  Directing will be M. Night Shyamalan. Notable for his films “The Sixth Sense”, “Signs”, “The Village”, “Unbreakable”, “The Happening”, “Lady in the Water”, and “The Visit”. Teaming with Shyamalan will be Turner Network Television. I sure am interested to see how this will play out after his previous works. M. Knight Shyamalan

Taking on “Tales From the Crypt” is actually quite a stretch for M. Knight Shyamalan. I’m so used to him indulging in psychological, Sc-Fi and fantasy-type movies. It’s hard to imagine what will happen with this reboot and what direction he will take.

Tales From the Crypt” was a horror anthology series published by EC Comics in the 1950’s. Over 20 issues were produced. “Tales From the Crypt” aired in 1989 as a television series and would spawn two feature films.  Themes include horror, twists, black magic, and Sci-Fi. A creepy-looking corpse, named “The Crypt Keeper” is your host and guide into the dark side.

However, things are already not looking so well. Voice actor John Kassir will not be returning to portray his role as The Crypt Keeper  in Shyamalan’s “Tales From the Crypt” reboot. This according to an unofficial report from Bloody Disgusting. You heard that right. Kassir will NOT be returning. As a matter of fact, The Crypt Keeper will also not be returning. The report states the reason is because HBO still owns the rights. In fact, the Crypt Keeper will be completely different. That’s right, folks. No creepy-looking corpse. More like:

“…a creepy old man with a cane and a hood”.

Not having The Crypt Keeper at least, not The Crypt Keeper we have all grown to love.  How exciting! (sarcasm).

As a huge fan of the original “Tales From the Crypt”, I can say that this already does not sound good. But, let’s not get our feathers riled up yet. Every idea deserves a chance to prove itself. I just hope Shyamalan can deliver the goods on his end.




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