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The Magicians made its debut Wednesday, the 16th of December 2015 on SyFy. According to Nielsen ratings, the pilot episode “Unauthorized Magic” garnered 0.916 viewers. A new air date was set for Mondays. The second episode titled “The Source of Magic” got 1.113 million viewers. That was a 21.51% increase from the pilot episode!
The Magicians was part of a slate of new programming on SyFy. Based on the pages of Lev Grossman’s 2009 novel the story centers on a group of young sorcerers. They are thrust into the typical battle of good versus evil. The intriguing aspect, the young sorcerers are in training. The Magicians delves into themes of Fantasy and set against a modern age backdrop.
There’s more to the narrative. This includes betrayal, love and the struggle of finding one’s place in society. The Magicians does well to parallels life’s circumstances in each episode.
The rating average for The Magicians season one was 0.78 million viewers.
The Magicians season One ended in climatic fashion. Audiences were in awe on the tragic turn of events. The cliffhanger expressed a deadly arrangement with a villainous entity. This decision placed the central characters in a dire situation.


New York 



Julia Stella Maeve

Marina Kacey Rohl

Richard Mackenzie Astin


Quentin Jason Ralph

Alice Olivia Taylor Dudley

Margo Summer Bishil


Kady Jade Tailor

Dean Fogg Rick Worthy

Eliot Hale Appleman

Penny Arjun Gupta




Ember Dominic Burgess

The Beast Charles Mesure

Fen Brittany Curran

1. Season 2 Insights:

The Magicians season begins today the 25th of January 2017. DecayMag recieved the first four episodes weeks in advance. It was a pleasure to have a sneak peek to one of our favorite SyFy series. Yet, this assingment was also a tragedy. How do we convey to the masses our thought to season two of The Magicians?
It became difficult to assess our approach. This report could not tread on the hard work of the production team. Also, fans are eager to know what to expect for the upcoming season. Presented below is a summary of the first four episodes. If the hope of finding spoilers are the intent, sorry that will not be the case here. Instead, below are the titles of the upcoming episodes. The season opener has the official synopsis.
Immediately following are a basic interpretation of the remaining three episodes. Based on the first four episodes one certainty is open for a reveal. The Magicians season two offers the same memorable drama and comedy as the first season.
The situation is a bit more extreme in The Magicians season two. Alice, Eliot, Margo, Penny and Quinton must band together to defeat their enemy. Many obstacles will stand in their way. In fact, the group must not only overcome physical hurdles but emotional ones as well.
Overall, The Magicians season two is a series not to be miss.The slate of characters parallels true to life beings. The magic cast across the screen is the work of great production value. Dialogue, portrayals and special effects together foster an engaging experience. The Magicians is entrancing and it is not with hocus pocus. Therein lie a deep narrative that will keep viewers waiting for the next episode.

2. Season 2 Episode 1“Knight of Crowns”

From left to right: Olivia Taylor Dudley, Hale Appleman, Summer Bishil, Jason Ralph (photo credit: Jason Bell)


In the aftermath of their horrific battle with The Beast, Quentin and his friends scramble for a new plan of defense and seek the thrones of Fillory. Penny searches for a cure for his hands from a mysterious River Watcher, and Julia and The Beast strike a dangerous deal.

3. Season 2 Episode 2 “Hotel Spa Portions”

From left to right: Hale Appleman, Summer Bishil, Arjun Gupta, Jade Tailor, Stella Maeve, Rick Worthy, Olivia Taylor Dudley, Jason Ralph
This episode takes a lighter approach to the many serious situations. Adventures begin to unfold. The storytelling splinters among the slate of characters. Each narrative joins with the central concept of course. There are many factors that need stability and improving.
Trustworthiness is the theme in this episode. This is a fine attribute that keeps viewers engaged. How can trust award the untruthful? Can alliances sustain with foes?
The narrative conceives well. The approach to real life scenarios become a visual treat.


4. Season 2 Episode 3 “Divine Eliminations”

Rick Worthy (photo credit: Jason Bell)
Alice, Eliot, Margo and Quinton face a dilemma. The circumstance pins each friend into rivals. This episode offers different interpretations. For one perspective this episode reflects on friendship. There are a great many occasions friends find the worst in one another.These are moments that question the integrity of the relationship.
In this episode, audiences will relate to the circumstances. The situation that befalls the slate of heroes is not a work of fiction. How can someone overcome the evils in these quirks? Can the situation become overlooked? Can it become a harvest a strong relationship? Of course, this episode is open to many other interpretations.

5. Season 2 Episode 4 “The Flying Forest”

Olivia Taylor Dudley (photo credit: Jason Bell)
The fourth episode of season two of The Magicians will strike a chord to fans of the series. A certain character will succumb to a tragedy and sorrow reverberates across as a result. This episode becomes the turning point of the series. It is imperative that viewers tune into this segment.

Also, therein lies the subtext of responsibility. What is of importance in life? How do these decisions inflict our course of thinking? Perspectives are related for audiences to ponder. This, the fourth episode becomes thought provoking and sentimental.


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