Outcast Episode One Review

Outcast  S1, Ep1
Release Date: 3 June 2016
Episode title: A Darkness Surrounds Him

Mother was possessed by an evil spirit, he goes to help a priest who performs an exorcism on a young boy.


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“Outcast” is the much-anticipated series scheduled to air on Cinemax. The inaugural season will feature ten episodes. Episode one, titled “A Darkness Surrounds Him” is set to air Friday the 3rd, of June 2016. “Outcast” is based on the graphic novel created by Robert Kirkman. Kirkman as many of you already know delivered the zombie apocalypse over at AMC.

outcast a“Outcast” episode one begins with a shock factor. Joshua Austin (portrayed by Gabriel Bateman) is a  disturbed, young boy. What is wrong with the young boy? An unknown supernatural Horror has an unholy grip on him. This observation is obvious after witnessing Joshua headbutt a waterbug. The disgusting scene finalizes with Joshua dining on the splattered remains of the bug.

If that’s not an attention grabber not sure what is. “Outcast” offers the “Man versus the unknown” story concept. The scene, with its grotesque visual narrative, explores the key element to the story. The supernatural threat.

DecayMag.com Cinemax "Outcast"The introduction of the  protagonist arrives in the scene that follows. Absent is any form of a grand entrance. Living in a dilapidated home is Kyle Barnes (portrayed by Patrick Fugit). This is where Mystery and Drama begin to develop. Kyle has a deep rooted past. A sinister episode traumatized this mild-mannered man. The exploration to Kyle’s turbulent backstory delves on the surface. Throughout “Outcast” episode one is a glimpse into Kyle’s childhood. The protagonist shields an intriguing aspect, a trait. Kyle Barnes  possesses a “gift”, an uncanny ability to combat sinister forces.

Episode one; “A Darkness Surrounds Him” has its highs and extreme low points. The drama, character structure, and cinematography excel. Yet, the downfall lies within the visual narrative. At the core “Outcast” delves on demonic possession and religious overtones. Aside from the opening frame, the presented  scenes are a familiar context. There are many borrowed references from supernatural Horror films. The devilish exhibitions offered in episode one falls short on redefining the genre. Innovative delivery on the “demonic possessions” concept is the unfortunate downfall.

In closing, “Outcast” episode one does not summarize the technical value of the season. “A Darkness Surrounds Him” does sets the stage for the story and character development. From the opening chapter, “Outcast” is summarized as a well structured supernatural Drama.

Note: The rating below centers on “Outcast” episode one; “A Darkness Surrounds Him”.


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