“Outcast” First Horror Series on Cinemax

“Outcast” comic con trailer dropped earlier this week (ending 16th of October 2015) via Cinemax at New York Comic Con held last weekend. The upcoming series is based on the Skybound/Image comic book series by Robert Kirkman (“The Walking Dead” ) and artist Paul Azaceta.

Both the series and the comic ,”Outcast” dwell in supernatural horror premise and follows the story of protagonist Kyle Barnes (portrayed by Patrick Fugit) a man who’s been plagued by demonic forces since his childhood.  Once an adult Kyle Barnes is aided by a West Virginian Evangelist named Reverend Anderson (portrayed by Philip Glenister) and together they face the threat of the unknown.  Joshua Austin (portrayed by Gabriel Bateman) is an eight-year-old who lives across town from Kyle Barnes  and appears to be under influence of demonic possession. The mystery lies with the connection between Joshua’s malevolent parasite and Kyle Barnes.


Although, “Outcast” is slated to debut sometime in 2016, no official word from Cinemax on the exact release date.  Nevertheless, enjoy the “Outcast” trailer and exclusive scene posted below! Forewarning: the comic con exclusive scene is a stomach turner.



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