Penny Dreadful S3 Production Moves Onward

Penny Dreadful is slated to return for its third season sometime in 2016 on premium cable and satellite network, Showtime. Although intimate details for the supernatural psychological thriller series remains closely guarded by series creator Josh Logan, casting news are being revealed.  Entertainment Weekly is reporting that veteran actor Brian Cox is on board for the third season of “Penny Dreadful” and is cast as Jared Talbot, the father of Ethan Chandler (portrayed by Josh Hartnett).

Due to the backstory given to the character though out the series many “Penny Dreadful” fans expected to see Jared Talbot in the next installment. In addition, the way things went down in the season two finale of “Penny Dreadful” it was obvious Jared Talbot would make an appearance in the third season. According to the report, Josh Logan’s portray of Jared Talbot will begin mid-season with a story arc transgressing over two episodes.For those that have forgotten, Ethan Chandler had surrendered to Scotland Yard authorities and was being sent to face charges for his crimes in America.

The character Jared Talbot is described as:

“powerful rancher…who has long been on the hunt for his son. Talbot will stop at nothing to bring Ethan back west to settle the score.”

Penny Dreadful Cast Highlights

In related news, reveals that actress Perdita Weeks, is confirmed for Season three of “Penny Dreadful” and will portray a character named: Catriona Hartdegan. The role is described as:

“…a rebellious scholar whose knowledge of the supernatural and wicked sense of humor will turn her into “an invaluable ally in battling the dark forces”

Also confirmed as part of the cast of “Penny Dreadful” season three is Broadway legend Patti LuPone. Having appeared in season two of “Penny Dreadful” portraying the Cut-Wife, Patti LuPone is confirmed in the portrayal of Vanessa Ives’ American therapist Dr. Seward.

Season three will feature another much anticipated character and it is Shazad Latif who will be portraying the dual incarnation of  Dr. Henry Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Jessica Barden is also on board and will be portraying Brona’s and Dorian Gray’s assistant JulianWes Studi will portray Sir Malcolm’s enigmatic ally; Kaetenay. 

“Penny Dreadful” stars Eva Green,  Josh Hartnett, Timothy DaltonReeve CarneyHarry TreadawayBillie Piper and Rory Kinnear

Although “Penny Dreadful” season three is slated for a 2016 premier a specific date hasn’t been solidified yet. However, with previous season broadcast schedule as evidence it should be noted that the next entry to “Penny Dreadful” will probably air in May 2016. The season will most likely have nine episodes in correlation with previous season entities


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