Ravenwolf Towers, Charles Band: Episode One Review

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Director: Charles Band

Release Date: December 13, 2016

Release Format: Series, Streaming, DVD

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Genre: Horror

Running Time: 30 Minutes


The legendary Ravenwolf Towers, once home to Hollywood’s Elite has fallen on hard times.

Now the latest Assistant Manager is discovering the Hotel’s terrifying secrets; secrets that hide in the shadows of its dark corridors and lurk behind its locked doors–Mad Doctors, Degenerate Monstrosities, Inbred Horrors, Terrified Guests who disappear without a trace — and an Alluring Damsel in Distress – why may just be the most terrifying resident of — the Ravenwolf Towers.

EPISODE 1: BAD MARY – Young Jake has just acquired a new job as the ‘assistant manager’ at the sinister RAVENWOLF TOWERS. He quickly finds himself facing an assortment of strange residents – a diminutive Vampire Hunter, a Mad Doctor with lethal secrets and a beautifully seductive Maiden – who may just be the Ravenwolf’s most lethal occupant.


Ravenwolf Towers released early December via Full Moon Entertainment. B-movie veteran director, producer Charles Band spearheading this new seven-part Horror series. Ravenwolf Towers is a dedication and tribute to Full Moon Entertainment fans. A new episode will release every full moon.

Ravenwolf Towers follows the strange happenings at a hotel, titular location. The building holds strange occupants, including mad doctors, monstrosities, and inbreds. The characters may be the culprits behind sudden disappearances and brutal murders. These crimes happen behind the walls and closed doors of this eerie hotel.

The synopsis to Episode 1: Ravenwolf Towers Bad Mary” reads as follows;

An innocent couple become the first unfortunate victims of a family of inbreds, one of which whom have a thirst for blood and human flesh. A mad Doctor holds an intriguing device that has sinister intentions. Jake, the Assistant Manager of the hotel, meets a stunning beauty, who holds dark secrets.

DecayMag.com Charles Band Ravenwolf Towers


Ravenwolf Towers has an intriguing plot. Monstrosities, incest, murder, and much more. The story captures and entices. Today atrocious misconceptions and misrepresentations of vampires and creatures are common. It’s a relief to see these subjects taken back to the roots.

As baby boomers take over the Horror circuit, cinema has changed on a drastic level.  The dramatics and not necessary for the better. The dark, eeriness of vampires and monstrosities have become soft, for a lack of better terms.

To see Charles Band go back to the roots and bring them alive again is refreshing.

DecayMag.com Charles Band Ravenwolf Towers

In Conclusion

Charles Band describes Ravenwolf Towers as a love letter to Full Moon Entertainment fans. He embeds, as a bonus, a re-imagination of iconic Full Moon Entertainment characters. These creatures are in each episode.

Ravenwolf Towers released on December 13, 2016. You can stream the series on Amazon Prime, as well as on Full Moon Streaming. The DVD is also available for sale. Each has a personal signature from Director Charles Band.

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