Shudder Horror Streaming, Pros and Cons Weighed

Shudder is a horror streaming service owned and created by AMC. Shudder is devoted to delivering the best horror content. According to the Shudder support page;

Shudder is subscription based, and cost $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year.

Shudder can be watched through their website, Roku, Google Play, Amazon Prime and Apple iOS. You can also watch Shudder on XBOX and PlayStation through the VRV app Lets start with the pros. Shudder


Shudder has a vast library of horror movies. The library’s selection easily beats Amazon Prime and Netflix. The movies are top notch and very scary. The library is curated in collections that offer a ton of categories. From smart cerebral slasher films to the cool funny comedy horror shorts. They even have collections curated by horror directors like Alexandre Aja (director of the Hills Have Eyes and Maniac) and much more.

Where shudder really shines is they have a lot of hidden gems. They have a ton of overlooked and underrated horror films. Shudder really does have something for every horror fan. Shudder has some cool features. The first is Shudder TV, which is basically a streaming channel that runs 24/7.

The second feature is they get exclusive content. For example the truly horrifying film Shrews nest and Rob Zombies new film 31 with director commentary. They also have a podcast like the thrilling and terrifying podcast the darkest night.


Shudder does have its flaws. The company is owned by AMC. Yet no AMC hits like the walking dead are on the site. Also for a company that has it’s own Halloween marathon. There is no Friday the 13th movies or any Nightmare on Elm Street Films.

Another problem that shudder has is, if you want to stream through amazon. The website and Amazon Prime subscriptions are separate accounts. According to the Shudder support page

They operate independently from each other and subscriptions cannot be married, carried over, or switched back and forth.

So this means if you start your trial through amazon you will not be able to use the website. So is shudder worth it Yes shudder is worth it. Shudder is full of hidden gems and good exclusive content. If you’re a hardcore horror fan you will not go wrong with this subscription.

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