Tales From The Crypt: Looking for Writers

Tales From the Crypt:  TNT Network Looks to Wattpad Studios


TNT“Tales From The Crypt” is well underway. The project, under the new management of Turner’s TNT Network, and at the direction of M. Knight Shyamalan presents us with an exciting update, which may just be ideal for the future of the franchise. Turner’s TNT Network is tapping into Wattpad Studios for original ideas for the reboot of “Tales From The Crypt”.

Wattpad, for those who aren’t familiar with it, is online writing community. Users of the platform can share and read original stories, and a chance to have their works adopted by networks for TV, digital, and mobile platforms. To date, Wattpad has 45 million users, uploading hours of original content every day.

TNT Network will have access to Wattpad data and analytics to aid them in their sourcing the platform for desired content and talent.

Justin Williams, Senior VP of Digital Ventures for TNT and TBS says:

“Our partnership with Wattpad is a perfect intersection of content and fan engagement, where fans actually have the chance to directly influence and, in some cases even have their material optioned and developed by our networks.” The initial collaboration for “Tales From the Crypt” will tap into “Wattpad’s strength in the horror genre.”

Aron Levitz,  Wattpad Studio’s Head of Business Development says:

“Through our partnership with Turner, Wattpad’s powerful insights, roster of influential writers, and hyper-engaged community of fans will help define the new scary.”

The two aforementioned statements I can definitely agree with. Industry personnel collaborating with inexperienced, but highly motivated fans of the horror genre Wattpadhave to be one of the best ideas in a long time and is certainly a new, positive direction for the horror genre.

With the well-loved “Tales From The Crypt” under new management and new direction, taking this route will definitely be a good idea for the future of the franchise. Especially since most of what we, the fans, will dearly miss from the original franchise will be going away, anyway. There will be a whole new Crypt Keeper, who will be our guide into the dark side. Which means, the original Crypt Keeper we came to love will be no more. The best idea would be to wipe the slate clean and start over from scratch. Expanding the horizons and sourcing the world for original content is a step in the right direction, and could be for the better.

A lot of industry personnel; filmmakers, directors, etc. have lost the ability to use their imaginations creatively. They run dry of creative ideas. This especially goes for the horror genre. When you consider the “average Joe”; the horror aficionado and junkie that has watched just about every horror film to date, and who spews up stories based on their own knowledge of horror, including their own nightmares, on their own free time, just to pass by time, you may be surprised to be sitting on a gold mine; an untapped territory that could be the new face of horror.

“Tales From The Crypt” is set to premiere in 2017.




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