The Enfield Haunting

“The Enfield Haunting” arrives on A&E..

“The Enfield Haunting” is a three part mini-series will air on A&E in conjunction with the upcoming Halloween seasonal programming. Originally aired on Sky Living in the UK earlier this year, “The Enfield Haunting”  is based on Guy Lyon Playfair’s research with Maurice Grosse on The Enfield Poltergeist, accounts which are detailed in the book “This House is Haunted”. Guy Lyon Playfair’s book was adapted for the screen by Joshua St. Johnston.

The synopsis to “The Enfield Haunting” is as follows:

“The Enfield Haunting”  is a chilling, three-part drama series based on the terrifying and bizarre real events that took place at an ordinary house in 1977. At the heart of the story is Janet Hodgson, an 11 year-old girl terrorized by the paranormal activity permeating every room… or so she’d like everyone to believe; especially Maurice Grosse, the doting researcher who goes to great lengths to protect her from the strange, dark forces in hopes of making peace with his own daughter’s untimely death.


“The Enfield Haunting” stars Timothy Spall, Eleanor Worthington-Cox, Juliet Stevenson, Fern Deacon, Rosie Cavaliero, Elliot Kerley, Joey Price, and Matthew Macfayden and is directed by Kristoffer Nyholm. “The Enfield Haunting” will premiere on A&E at 10pm EST on the 9th of October 2015. Also, be sure to take notes while viewing “The Enfield Haunting” as the mini series is also the subject to James Wan’s upcoming supernatural horror film “The Conjuring 2”.



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