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“The Frankenstein Chronicles” Update..

“The Frankenstein Chronicles”  is a six-episode British based crime/horror series development announced by UK network ITV back in November 2014 via THR.  Co-created and directed by Benjamin Ross in collaboration with writer Barry Langford.”The Frankenstein Chronicles” Set against a backdrop of 1827 London, “The Frankenstein Chronicles” centers on Inspector John Marlot, an officer recruited from the Thames River Police Department to a national security post by Home Secretary Robert Peel. The role is portrayed by Sean Bean and is described as:

“With a formidable reputation as an investigator, he is known as a man who doesn’t know the meaning of fear, so it comes as no surprise when coldly efficient Peel, summons him insisting the ‘details of your investigation must remain confidential.’ And after what he’s witnessed Marlott accepts the challenge to track the perpetrator of this heinous crime.”

Inspector John Marlott’s inquiry to what appears to be the body of a child turns out to be a Frankenstein-like reassembly of body parts takes him into London’s seedy underground of prostitution, drug smuggling, body-snatching and murder. because we’re dealing with the iconic Frankenstein story, more sinister forces are also at work.

Anna Maxwell Martin, Charlie Creed-Miles, and Vanessa Kirby co-star in the re-imaging of Mary Shelley’s classic novel, “The Frankenstein Chronicles”. The series was created by Rainmark Film and was shot in Northern Ireland in January 2015, with funding from Northern Ireland Screen. U.S. distribution rights to “The Frankenstein Chronicles” was recently acquired by A&E and is set to air as part of A&E’s 2016 program slate.

ITV’s director of drama Steve November said in a previously released statement.

“The Frankenstein Chronicles is an epic reworking of one of literature and cinema’s most iconic stories…We’re delighted to be working with Benjamin Ross, Barry Langford and the team at Rainmark Films with the vision to bring Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein back to life.”


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