The Preacher hits the Small Screen

The preacher  is a comic book series published by Vertigo, a subdivision of DC Comics. The series which circulated between 1995-2000 was created by writer Garth Ennis and artist Steve Dillon. “The Preacher” is now headed to AMC and is slated for a premier date sometime in May 2016. Cable and satellite television channel; AMC also confirmed that the much anticipated supernatural series will be comprised of ten episodes. The pilot for “The Preacher” was directed by series executive producer Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg  based on the screenplay written by Sam Catlin.

Sam Cattlin had this to say about the supernatural drama, “The Preacher”:

“Couldn’t be more happy with Sony/AMC’s decision to bring Garth’s amazing ‘Preacher’ to television. Can’t wait to spend some quality time with vampires, psychopaths, rednecks and God.”

Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg also remarked on “The Preacher”

“In many ways Garth’s sense of drama and comedy and Steve Dillon’s visual aesthetic helped form our style, and the idea that we are actually bringing Preacher to life is a dream come true. This is the craziest thing ever and we can’t wait to move forward and work our asses off to make it the best it can be.” If the series is anything like the source material, this show will be bananas; begin adjusting your morals and mind-set accordingly.


The series stars Dominic Cooper, Joe Gilgun, Ian Colletti, Lucy Griffiths, Ruth Negga, W. Earl Brown, Elizabeth Perkins, Tom Brooke, Jamie Anne Allman, and Derek Wilson.

The synopsis to “The Preacher” reads as follows:

Reverend Jesse Custer, a tough Texas preacher who has lost his faith, has learned that God has left Heaven and abandoned His responsibilities. He finds himself the only person capable of tracking God down, demanding answers, and making Him answer for His dereliction of duty. Accompanying Jesse on his journey is his former girlfriend and a friendly vampire who seems to prefer a pint in the pub to the blood of the innocent. On his tail is one of the most iconic bad guys in print – an immortal, unstoppable killing machine named the Saint of Killers – a western lone gunman archetype whose sole purpose is to hunt and kill Jesse.


Stay tuned for further information on Seth Rogan’s “The Preacher”.  will post news as it develops. Are you anticipating the televised release of this supernatural drams? Do you think television is overcrowded with the Horror genre? Share your thoughts using the comment fields below.



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